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  • May 14, 2019 - loltarget


    Okay so I had a rough day today at work, all because an LOD was being rude and making feel stressed since I started my shift till I clocked out. I work in fulfillment department and I have to get the items every 30 minutes, a batch is impossible to do in 30 minutes when you go around the store searching for items plus guests asks you questions where things are so you get interrupted.   one of the LOD members was telling me to go faster in a rude way and also asked me to do an OPU order also. I was struggling to find some items on the floor and she said that “ugh you’re going to make me miss the order” in a rude tone. She was giving me attitude through out the day and I had enough, I felt like she was talking about me or giving me looks all day. I was just done by the end of the day and she made me cry and I had an awful day at work today. I have no idea what to do.