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  • February 10, 2012 - lalamj

    I really actually want to be fired.

    So i know im most likely going to come off as a spoiled brat but I really want to be fired. Im 20 years old and in college, and before anyone says it, target is actually my 4th job, which includes subway, mcdonalds, and a professional office, and i hate target so much id willing go back to my fast food job. i was never hired as seasonal but to get the job i had to have complete open availability, so as soon as my 3 month trail period was over i dropped my availability down for school, and its been down hill from there. never mind that i worked waaay over over 30 hours a week and managed somehow to go to school full time for the 1st 3 months i worked there. they also schedule me at times that buses do not run, and i dont drive.  i have been “coached” for multiple things from zoning too slow(i had never been trained in hardlines before, simply because i am female, likewise there are no males in softlines), zoning too sloppy, wearing a blue shirt under a red sweater (although multiple etls had complimented me on it, this has happened two times with different shirts), and for attendance. im tired of coming home crying after every shift and I’ve never been fired before, but to be honest i wish i was. I live at home with my parents and they pay for most of my needs so i dont need the job to survive, and while only getting 6 hours a week now i dont think the money really matters, i’m pretty sure they’re trying to get me to quit on my own though. So that kinda brings me to my problem, my mother has told me to quit multiple times, but my father is old school and would totally kill me if i quit, but i think he would be pretty sympathetic to me being fired. So if i wanted to get fired other than by, i guess, being myself, what should i do? should i just do a no call no show? and if i do get fired does anyone know what i should expect?