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  • June 18, 2016 - lala1234

    Got fired for $5. Need advice.

    A few weeks prior to me getting fired, a guest had left their $5 gift card reward by my register so I just kept it.


    So one random day I get called into the HR office with no awareness of what’s going on & they just bombard me with all these questions about $5 gift cards. They then tell me that they know that I “stole” from a guest and that I was wrong for that. Okay, I figured. I didn’t know that I would be getting in trouble for that though, shouldn’t I have at least gotten a warning first? They then showed me footage of me making mistakes while cashiering, and they said I caused shortage to the store in the amount of $161.00. They were honest mistakes though! I’m sure if they monitored everyone’s transactions people have made mistakes too! They then made me sign a paper admitting to what happened and they said I wouldn’t get in trouble. They then fired me and a week later I get a call saying I’m being fined a $500 charge for the FIVE DOLLAR GIFT CARD and being made to pay for the shortages which were honest mistakes. What should I do? Am I wrong ? Or can I fight this ? Please help !!! I didn’t even get a warning !