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  • November 24, 2020 - kittykat217

    Target Store 2201 Fired Me For Having Coronavirus

    I was hired at Target store 2201 in Ross/Pittsburgh PA before the covid19 pandemic began. A few months later I sadly ended up catching the virus and it took a huge toll on me. I immediately told my store director and the HR department to make them aware. I was informed that due to being understaffed I could face a write up for calling out and until I provided official documentation that says I have the virus and that I still needed to come to work. For the safety of my coworkers and the store customers, I had no choice but to call out. When I spoke to the store director on the phone, he told me I would be fired if I didn’t provide proof / documentation that I had the virus. I then told him that it would take a day or 2 for my doctor to send the results in. The very next day, I got fired. Target expressed no sympathy¬† towards my illness and showed no concern towards the safety of team members and guests, knowingly exposing many. I am not the only person who got canned due to having covid19 in this company or at this store location alone.