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  • November 27, 2012 - ihatecorporatesluts

    My problems and my cry for help.

    I have always considered myself a sincere person, a noble person, a kind person and a real person.


    I have worked for target for about 6 years. I started at a young age, and consider the place to be a part of my upbringing. There were both pleasant and unpleasant experiences, but recently I find myself in a dilemma but first let me explain to you my target history.

    I started as a cashier and slowly moved my way up to guest service and GSA. After my third year of working there I realized that my hard work wouldn’t get me anywhere, and the workers that they like and dislike are the workers that they decide to either terminate or promote, regardless of their work ethics and accomplishments. When I demoted myself from being a GSA (because I found that doing a TL’s job for 50 cents wasn’t worth the stress) and because I hope that target wouldn’t be my career( I was continuing in school) and because some of their managing methods also. After this I became a cashier, I told my HR ETL that I no longer wanted to cover for GSA/GSTL and no longer wanted to be at the service desk and cover breaks. I wanted to be a simple cashier. She agreed to my demands and everything was back to normal. After a year had past and target and its’ unorganized ways, I did warm up to the idea of covering for GSA/GSTL, Service desk, Food Avenue, Starbucks and along with helping the floor out when needed, helping the GSTLs fix the registers and kiosks along with other duties that no one wanted to do like help the cart attendant with spills, pukes, and stool.