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  • October 3, 2013 - Hyung

    Too Much Work, Little Pay

    Honestly, Target just sucks. I’ve been working at Target for about a year now and wow.. How did I manage? The first 6 months I was a cashier. It was going well until my 6th month. Rude, bitchy, same old guests (customers). The GSTLs were naggy and I HATED the red card deal. I could never get them and I would always get yelled at. Like try selling it yourself then LODs and GSTLs! Then I got moved to Softlines. Out of the blue, not even trained, and I was there. Then I became fitting room person (currently am still.) I hate it. First the morning person never clears out the fitting room for me and every time I work, I’m stuck with loads of clothes that need to be hung correctly and folded nicely. I would always finish but this got tiring. I’m a high school student with about 32 hours every week! My softlines team and I are close and we talk about anything, but we’ve had sooo many complaints from guest because they always tell the LODs that we’re never working. Which gets me mad. Leave if you don’t want to hear us talk about how much we hate Target! And there’s this one suck up team member who tells the LODs everything and when softlines is going to call out. It’s getting annoying and I almost quit the other day. OVERALL, the management sucks, the LODS sit on their lazy asses and don’t do anything, team members work our hardest to only get bitched at, and to never trust certain team members. They’re snitches and fake.