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  • As a relatively new Mom of a nearly two-year old girl, part of the reason I would go to Target for groceries and everything else was because the Bakery section offers a free cookie for kids.  It’s a small chocolate chip cookie, but the times I have gone and politely asked for one, I am treated like an insect, like I am asking for some sort of free human organ for transplant.  It’s ridiculous.

    Target’s customer service has plummeted in the last several years and each time I go there, the lines are longer and the employees handing out the cookies are more and more rude.  Don’t offer a free cookie if it pains you to do so.  Also, think about it.  That crappy cookie that probably costs you about 50 cents max makes it possible for me to shop at least 15 more minutes while my child happily munches.  Do you know how much more money I can spend without a screaming child having a complete meltdown in your red cart?!  I guess that’s not something Target is interested in though.  No big deal.  I can go elsewhere, happily.  In fact, I have an adorable organic coop right by my house that costs about 25% more, but they are so friendly and give my kid a cheese stick every time and fall all over themselves to make me and my child happy.  We will be going there from now on.

    P.S.: I finally called the Manager at the local Target and complained about the cookie unfriendliness when my husband, the world’s nicest person, mentioned the bakery people’s demeanor to me.  That was the last straw.  Ava, the Manager, even cut me off mid sentence and said she would mention it to the Bakery Department and then hung up.  They don’t even care to hear you out when you have a complaint.  As my daughter would say: “Naughty Target,  BYE BYE!”

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