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December 20, 2015 - Treehorn18

You Wouldn’t Believe…..

I’ve been with Target for a little over a year.  Before I got the job my health was pretty good.  I’m not gonna say I was doing great but it surely wasn’t where it is now.  I now have heart problems that require I take a good dose of medication daily, as well as seizures that would scare the hell out of anyone who was standing close by when they occur.  The first time it happened, I had no idea what was wrong, just that my body was flipping out.  I heard the LOD tell someone from HR, “I know she’s high on drugs”. This is a typical response from this LOD.  She goes to great lengths to make your life miserable and has on more than one occasion done everything in her power to drive you out.  If she doesn’t want you there, she’ll do any and everything in her power to make life so miserable for you, you finally throw in the towel and leave.  I’m just not willing to let her win even though it’s adversely affecting my health.  She’s told me there’s been multiple complaints by guests about me, which I was able to disprove each and everyone of them.  She’s told me I was terribly unprofessional and wasn’t what Target considered to be a “good employee”.  This was when I caught a guest red handed stealing from the store, reported it to AP and was told by the LOD that security issues were not my job and I was to stay in my area, not to come out, not to involve myself in things that were none of my business and get my work done.  I had to leave early the other night because she upset me to the point that my chest pain was so bad, I drove myself directly to the hospital.  Stupidly, I came into work the next day.  I was doing ok until one of the LOD’s came up and asked me if I was alright.  When I said I was fine, he said, “well, you need to learn to keep your mouth shut or at least learn what to say and when to say it.”  Here came the chest pains again and I was out the door within the hour.  I’ve been told I don’t know how to converse with guests, that I’m rude and inconsiderate to them on a frequent basis.  Funny thing is, HR told me just the other day that he’s gotten many calls and emails about my customer service skills and everyone was very pleased with my performance.  At this point, I don’t know how much longer I can stay.  I’m not willing to have a heart attack or stroke because so called management doesn’t know how to conduct themselves.



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  • RedCardFairy says:

    Leave now! Target is a shit company that doesn't care at all about it's team members. Basically a company that pays their staff a few dollars above minimum wage is shit and greedy. They make money had over fist and treat their staff like garbage. Just leave.

  • T1349 HELL says:

    I have diabetes and twice since Jan 2016 they've not let me go to my meal on time. Each time I was 20 min. from going to meal compliance. I called the hotline 1st time. Things got better until yesterday when the tl "forgot or didn't realize my shift was 8-3". What bullshit. That mf'r looks at that breakout schedule a goddamn 100 times a day, Right, he don't know my shift was 8-3? What a fucking joke. Completely transparent and it will be proven. I was severely ill with low blood sugar. Called hotline again, but this time I've LAWYER'D UP!!! I'm going to take these mother-fuckers to the cleaners. Compensation for employers of more the 500 is $300,000. Lawyer gets a 1/3. $200,000 is going to be a nice addition to my nest egg. Fuck me once shame on you. Fuck me twice and I'm going to ruin your ass They don't give a single fuck about their employees unless you're an ass kissing fucking punk who does less than shit except trying to find new ways to fuck off for most of their shift. It's a fucking shit show and cluster fuck everyday at this store. Oh, and to any of the management and/or leaders reading this I hope you, your children and your entire fucking family dies a horrible slow death.


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