Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

August 13, 2015 - W121

You people are making me hate my job. **RANT***


First of all I like to thank you for actually tuning into a disgruntled employee rant. First of all I’m going to remain anonymous as much as possible because I need employment and I don’t need my TL to discover who I am otherwise im screwed. I was hired 7 months ago as a cashier. The first 2 weeks of the job were quite interesting and should’ve been taken as a sign for the worst to come. First of all I wasn’t trained at all: I just got thrown a book and told “go crazy” on the register. I completed my “training” within 2 days and was ready to roll. The week was easy as pie except for a couple of couponers who were hellbent on receiving a deal even though the coupons weren’t valid to their items. Finally after learning on the flips and tricks I was told to stop everything & come to the main desk and I was drilled by multiple GTSL about the motto “fast, fun, and friendly” At the end of that came REDCARDS. RedCards are a huge thing at Target. Apparently my sales to redcard ratio was in the dumps. So I started asking guests: “Would like to save an 5 percent today?” all I could think in my head was “WHOOP DEEE FUCKING DOOO 5 PERCENT WATCH OUT!” I managed to get guests to sign up and even then my GTSL’s were NOT HAPPY still (whenever are these cart pushing spy agents for the STL & LOD’s happy?) I was prompted even more to bombard guests with redcards and pulled aside god knows how many times for the “REDCARDS ARE #1” coaching sessions. I have anxiety coming into work because I don’t know if they are gonna pull me aside and tell me “you know what? you haven’t sold enough red cards. Submit your 2 weeks and get the fuck out” Each day I am working: I am always quite weary of these agents always roaming around and spying on the cashiers asking guests for their whooping 5% savings. Speaking of mass surveillance and spying… Target upper management seems to LOVE to spy on their employees alongside with AP. I have personally hung out with one of our AP officers after work and after a couple of beers he told me that they mostly watch the employees rather than for shoplifters because they (upper management, not AP) does NOT trust them at all. WTF target? REALLY? I understand there will always be a couple of employees that will be ballsy enough to try a quick move but NOT ALL OF YOUR EMPLOYEES. I don’t know if our management is just super corrupt or if this is a normal trend among targets.

The guests are another part of my rant. Holy hell you people make our jobs 10x harder than it needs to be. I cannot recall how many times I have dealt with a rude, spiteful, and aggressive guest asking “CAN I TALK TO YOUR MANAGER?!” with this offended butthurt look like I slaughtered 30 people in front of them. Usually you all complain about the stupidest things ever: “OH BLA BLA BLA HE WON’T HONOR MY FAKE HOMEMADE COUPON THAT DOESN’T EVEN APPLY TO ANY ITEMS IN MY CART BLA BLA” Usually my GTSL will assure these people I made a “mistake” BITCH HOW WAS THAT A MISTAKE NOT HONORING FAKE COUPONS? but eventually honor it anyways because they want to keep their “guest” loyalty. Good game target… no wonder you are losing money left and right.

Target as a company in general: STEP UP YOUR GAME. Seriously were your registers made in the 1980’s-1990’s by the communist North Korea?! they’re old dinosaur bricks that freeze up consistently and glitch out at the worst possible times. I will end up rigging up a large transaction and the card reader will be unresponsive entirely. So I have to suspend the transaction… YAY! The worst part is when it comes up and it doesn’t capture all the items. So you have to go cherry picking through the list to find which item isn’t on the list or just rescan the whole FUCKING thing. No wonder people don’t want redcards after your data breach: YOUR TECH IS OUTDATED. Overall I like the people I work with and have made a few good friends. It is you the upper management at my store that make the employees have a high turnover rate. You literally push people to their limit of patience with the consistent nagging while you gossip & talk shit about everyone among your cute wittle “HUDDLES” You people have pushed one of my coworkers so far she started smoking again after years of being smoke free and worried sick about the stability of her job while she is receiving food stamps. Good Game upper management you have sent another employee into a spiraling wreck healthwise. By the way fuck your redcards with a big black rubber dick! All they are is just fat commission bonuses that funds your vacation to Costa Rica while your employees are busting their asses for minimum wage at $7.25 an hour in my state


One pissed off employee who actually loves target but has seen the darkside of it.


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