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November 24, 2013 - viciousdave

You didn’t ask any guests about the red card

I’m a cashier at Target, I hate the hell out of it as I have never liked human interaction and have been anti social since my young life.  Naturally I’m just an independent introverted person.  I went to work today, I didn’t ask anybody about save 5% with our red card it’s great.  My team lead talks to me in the HR office, why haven’t you done your job?  What?  “Your obligation is to ask the guests if they’d like the red card and tell them about the benefits.”  Truthful as I am I said to her I’m sorry and that I am tired as I am always tired in the morning hours barely being able to focus.  She also mentioned that to move into other positions I wanted like a sales floor hardlines position that I had to do good in cashier and get a regular record of at least 3.5% conversion score on red cards first before any other positions could be possible for me.  WTF?  Seriously?  I’ve read on these forums that those who have gotten high conversion rates are just kept in place as a cashier and that’s exactly what I told her that we’re just kept in place as cashiers.  Anyone who reads this want me to mention to her ass? Seriously, I’ve told the bitch also that Target is a billion dollar company, we sell thousands of dollars every single day!  I also told her that guests hate when someone accepts and says, oh yeah, that be great, ok hand me ID please and I’ll tell you about the benefits, beep the application, 20 questions pop up, guests are all waiting, why is she taking so long, why is this so damn slow?  You see, all the guests hate it when someone applies, than the lines slow down big time and guests get angry at the slow down of it.  So, with Target making thousands of dollars everyday and guests being angry when others in front of them take forever to fill out the questionnaire of the application, well, OMFG, duh, ding, boop, wong, bong, dong, OMG it’s reality that the guests of the store would be more pleased if we didn’t ask them to apply for the red card and Target would be making more money as more guests would be pleased that they received fast service!  OMFG, it’s a god damn miracle!


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  • pinkzinnia says:

    Um, if you have never liked human interaction and are anti social, then maybe working with the public isn't for you. I know asking for a redcard is tedious boring and quite annoying, but it is a requirement of the job.

    They do want people to get the credit card so that they can make more money off the guests who don't realize the high interest on the card. So that long line you are creating for having someone fill out that stupid application really doesn't faze corporate at all..

    But I will say, that if I had an employee who told me they didn't want to do their job because they were tired in the morning, I would be showing that employee the door as soon as possible.

    • viciousdave says:

      I don't want to do my job? WTF is wrong with you? I said when I am tired I forget things easily, not I don't want to do the job. Who the hell can focus when they can barely hold themselves up to walk and keep balance? Especially when a piece of my brain was cut out long ago when I had brain surgery for cancer removal. Big reason why I am tired is because of that part of my cut out brain. People like you better watch your stuff cause I always got a back up for what I say. And again, in the first place, I said I was tired and it's hard as hell to focus once so ever when you feel dizzy and about ready to pass out.

  • Silverfox says:

    don't forget the interchange when you use red card somewhere else. That's 2-4% of commission per outside purchase you make. Oh wait target usa's credit porfoilo belongs to the canadian td bank. target usa's red card is now a td visa and in canada it's with rbc. Rbc red card is slightly better than the td red card in that it offers extended warranty. Only reason I would even get the rbc target red card is if i plan to go down to the states and shop there and buy electronics. Then i can get an extra year of warranty plus 2.5% off ( minus the 2.5% forex fee). Btw, MBNA SMARTCASH offers 5% off the 1st 6 months offered by td as well and chase freedom visa offers 5% off during various times of the year. So it actually works out to be same, if you shop at a target that sells produce as well. If I were to go to a target supercenter, I would use my mbna smartcash. Same 5% off. Only it's cashback on my credit card 😉


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