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May 1, 2015 - fedupcashier

Yet Another Red Card Rant

I’m sure you’re all sick and fucking tired of hearing about that shitty piece of plastic debt by now, but after finding this place I simply HAD to get it off my chest.

See, I’ve only been working at Target for a little over a year and a half now, but the thing is, it wasn’t always so bad. When I was hired, my GSTLs, and even my ETL were all pretty damn cool for the most part. Sure they’d give you the occasional “coaching” about red cards because they were pressured by the higher ups to do so, but you could tell in their actions they didn’t WANT to be the bad guy. To this day I hold nothing personal against any of them. But then, of course, they all either transferred departments, or left the store altogether…Even the front end ETL found another job too.

Their replacements? Well, let’s just say our heads tend to butt on more than a few occasions every week.

Ever since the new leadership took over, the front end has gone completely to shit. Everyone’s morale is at an all time low, and our GSTLs are constantly fumbling over themselves just to figure out what’s going on half the time. And of course, more to the point, my new ETL is a completely unfeeling bitch with no reasonable understanding of how people actually fucking work, apparently. Obsessed over redcards, wants every guest to have the fastest, shortest line possible regardless of how many items they have or how ridiculous their bagging demands are, the list goes on really.

One day I remember being coached by my ETL herself about redcards (and of course all the while wanting to gag myself), and she just flat out told me that literally nothing else matters but that redcard. In her words, that’s where the paychecks come from, that’s where the hours come from, and that’s what corporate looks for. They could give less of a fuck about your speed score, or bagging performance. At that moment I was completely speechless. How can I possibly stand to work for a company with this kind of view on its employees, where your sole value is judged based upon how much debt you can sell unsuspecting customers into on a daily basis?

How often do you hear it from the ETL themselves about just how little your work really matters? I’m not even motivated to do my best to bag properly or even make pointless chit-chat with every customer if I know that at the end of the day that shit doesn’t matter even if I DID.

Morale at my store is at an all time low all around, and things are getting worse by the day.


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  • RedCardFairy says:

    Yup! As a cashier you learn pretty quickly that all management cares about is the RedCard. It is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen in my entire life. That fact that each store is given a Redcard
    goal is just dumb. I have never been a part of a "goal" i was expected to achieve that i had no input in setting or achieving. I can ask each and every person if they want a redcard i have very little to do with their decision. This is such a BS company. I wish the general public knew they were supporting the destruction of local community, wage slavary. Target is a blight on society.

    • FivePercentDrained says:

      Sad part is when you don't get one It's your fault rather then the decision of the person that simple said No! Management fantasy than reality. Come back to reality, regardless, cause that person still said No! So...., Sad day for you!

      • fedupcashier says:

        I just don't understand how they can expect you to know what the person is going to say or how they're going to answer you when you ask them. Half of mine won't even let me finish my pitch for god's sake!
        And they have the gall to tell me that it's MY fault that I can't just MAGICALLY talk them into getting something that even I know is a stupid fucking idea?

        • FivePercentDrained says:

          Couple of time i got coach for not getting anything at all for like a month( felt proud ^_^). Different management try to tell me different stuff on 10-15 ways to annoy a guest(customer) on different way to ask for Redcards. I challenge 1 manager to talk to a guest and see why these magical saying are not getting "their" result. But the guest are getting annoyed, some don't even reply at all, some give them the face look and couple of guest reply "regardless, i said no the first time and will always say no, so, give it up" and there were shocked. I was like WOW! why am I not surprise( with a smile). But of course, i wasn't. It's all fantasy to them and a magical dream world rather then the real reality of the situation. they treat the customer like their puppets but their not. They are real people with real situation to deal with then adding more debt and interest to their life. Management stay quiet and i was like good. Sadly, these practice still go on! and nothing been learn. Fantasy nothing else. Fuck Tarshit!

  • FivePercentDrained says:

    Exactly!!!! That's why I don't ask at all cause there no point and I don't give a flying fuck if i get coach. You'll be push extremely hard and for what? shit, at least give some kind of commission in our paychecks when someone actually apply for one, like 10$ per commission for a lifetime of debt and interests that the poor sucker that apply for piece shit Redcards! Here the kicker in my store(not sure if for every store), and be amazing if you will, but all the management and TL.... dont even push Redcards at all.... I've lost count and A SMILEY SMIRK on my face, that these back-breaking Redcard dildo shovers don't apply themselves, but will try to force the Redcard Brainwash down everybody throats. Hypocrite and contradicting bastards. But the best part of my day when family's, friends, and people whenever i change there mind of not getting one... is the biggest accomplishment and my form of revenge. I encourage everybody to do the same. SCREW TARSHIT!

  • fedupcashier says:

    It's just so fucking sad how heavily I'm expected to work on this stupid redcard thing, and how literally my boss, the ETL herself, told me that basically nothing else I do matters other than sell those stupid cards.
    I don't even mind Target as a company, but I believe expecting redcards, or having a quota of any kind for selling someone INTO DEBT should be ILLEGAL. There needs to be some kind of labor law against it, I swear. This is too much bullshit to put up with. The only reason I'm staying with this company is because it pays me just barely over minimum wage now thanks to my yearly performance raise being--get this-- A WHOLE 50 cents! Boy, lucky me, right?
    The worst part is now that they've done away with the "prompt" system at my work, they expect me to get MORE redcards more frequently because I work more hours on average than most of the cashiers...And that's only because my availability is open.
    So let me get this straight: because I work more hours, I'm expected to work even HARDER than I already am simply on the basis that I have more transactions on average per day? What the fuck kind of system is that?

  • Silverfox says:

    if they made the card less sucky then maybe more would apply for it. Like Extended warranty. Canadian version now extinct had this. Elsewhere had 1% back intead of a stupid .5% back everywhere else.

  • rage says:

    I don't know who I'm facepalming over more: the inability of a well established multi-billion dollar corporation to run a business at an elementary level, the way that the leadership squawks every few minutes about red cards and hounding every guest, or the droning stupidity of the American consumer. Anyone remember that little "opportunity" (got to love that Tarshit lingo) that happened about a year and a half ago with that little incident of compromising a mere 70 million shoppers' information?! No? Of course not! It's not like it was a big deal or anything. The way that people mindlessly shop and take on these useless red cards, you'd sure think so. Just keep shopping and saving 5% on gum and wax paper... idiots!

    • FivePercentDrained says:

      The problem was it wasn't just Tarshit that got hit! Home Depot, TJX (parent of the Marshalls and T.J.Maxx chains), khols, Ebay and etc, also got hit. If it was just Tarshit... man it was had been a field day for them. hahaha. Sadly, this pattern has cause people to think," hhmmm maybe it not just target after all". but i think every company that push credit cards are to blame for the cause. Sadly, there being yelled at to be more "responsible" which i think it a slap on the wrist. i say get rid of them and let Tarshit cry like a little bitch!


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