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October 18, 2011 - MrPirate

Yeah, sure

From my experience as a cashier, I was often told by customers how sweet, polite, friendly, and speedy I was. I’ve been told by more than one customer that I was the nicest guy they met in the store. Felt nice! I always kept busy and found something to do while some cashiers often just stood around literally staring at nothing. Supervisors could usually be seen chatting it up by the clock-in thingy, taking their time to respond to me whenever I needed help with something. They often dog me to sell more red cards and get more surveys done. Hello, the customers don’t want to do it and they seem very annoyed when I try to persuade them into it, which strikes me as the appropriate reaction. :\ I often got my lunches cut very short, plus I get fired for not meeting their standards of “fast”, which is utter bull. Farewell, $10/hr.


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  • lustmurder says:

    I too got many compliments from customers on my speed, friendliness and professionalism. And these weren't just empty words, at my location they put up a huge wall in the corridor leading to the break room dedicated to comment cards left by customers that was rotated out as new ones came in One day my ETL pulled me aside and told me to go have a look at the wall. I could've cried. There were literally dozens of of comment cards left by customers -- many of them from recent weeks -- it was surprising to see how many customers actually fill out those things and how much work management went through decorate the wall.

    What was even more surprising is how many customers took the time to write little notes about me. Yes, ME. I could've cried. They all said such wonderful things that made me actually feel like I was valued in such a way that management never did.

    A few months later, I was fired. I hadn't received any write-ups, my register speed was ALWAYS above average. I never had a day when I was NOT in the green with a score of 90% or greater. And still I was fired. Why? During my time there we experienced a large upper management departure, literally en masse and we got some bland, monotone fresh-out-of-college, rigid Asian woman who had different ideas about how our store should be run as a GSTL.

    Bottom line: I wasn't selling enough Red Cards. Naturally, during a recession people are wary of any type of credit card and are trying to retrench and cut back wherever they can and a credit card that offers very little benefits for the customer is not generally not anyone's idea of "cutting back".

    Now I worked at a location that boasted huge quarterly profits and LOVED to tell the employees that we were in the top 5 most profitable stores in the country, only behind Manhattan and I think ONE other store. And yet here they are, still trying to pedal worthless goddamn credit cards to broke customers during a recession.

    Target sucks.

  • Notstaying says:

    You were making $10/hour at Target??? Consider yourself lucky, I'm making $7.50/hour!! It's not even worth the time I have to spend there.


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