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January 18, 2015 - PAofComsumables

Yeah, it’s annoying.

So basically shouting out that team members got red cards is the most annoying thing in my store. Not only is the GSTL annoying, but who honestly cares? Cashiers are supposed to drive red cards and then they get shout outs everytime they get one? They’re getting praised for doing their fucking job. I’m going to start shouting out everytime I finish a CALF.




  • rainprincess64 says:

    Technically it's the cashier's job "to INFORM people about the benefits of the red card", not to literally get people to sign up for the red card or else you're gonna get fired (unlike how some stores might try approaching the situation). I will say whenever someone gets a red card the whole world doesn't need to know however. Why not complain about the stupid management skills or lack of leadership ability amongst the general store team, something a little more legitimate than congratulating a cashier on getting a red card for once in a blue moon (or every other day if they're unethical about it)?

  • Silverfox says:

    which makes me wonder why the heck did they not keep most of the ex zellers employees? I mean they know the drill to push the store cc relentlessly at the till. Since they are so freaking anal about the red cards. Ex zellers employees with a high conversion rate should be retained. And not told to oh go re-apply and we''ll interview you and then we might think of hiring you. Hello? Easy red card converter right there without tarshit management having to make them do it. Just rehire them all, and those that aren't high converters will get let go, not that any of them will be low converters. 😉 They want their job so they do it. Makes them look good in the media's eyes vs looking horrible in the media's eyes. And saves on their bottom line since they save time and money in training them to sell red cards. .

  • valerie says:

    lol I'm a cashier and I have to let my GSTL know I got a red card because I think they record it, but I have told her a couple of times that she didn't have to announce it over the walkie. She just ignored me though.

  • poohbear80 says:

    because the cards save the target company money and that's what they care about most so it's a big deal for them, that's why they pressure the stores to keep on getting sign ups to no end. corp greed as usual. part of me thinks it's announced to pressure the other cashiers that they need to keep up though.


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