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December 6, 2015 - exploited_labor


Warning: This is long but I need to get it off of my chest.

First off, I worked for Target for way too long, my own fault.  I started in high school and worked there through college, I live in a town where it is nearly impossible to find a job that pays above minimum wage so between my raises and shift differential I wasn’t making terrible money for the area and I really liked my fellow team members.

I had another part-time job and I was working at Target for 30-40 hours a week, trying to save money to pay back student loans as I found it impossible to find a job in my field without a masters.  I talked to my STL about advancement opportunities and her eyes lit up and she got real excited about me interviewing for an ETL in training, I have always had good reviews and my degree would work well for a manager.  I figured I could quit my other job and do this job for several years and then go back to school for my masters unless of course I really liked it.

My STL set up an interview for me with an STL at another store 30 miles away, on the day of the interview, I drive to the other store and the STL had already left for the day. Ugh.  The next day I worked I told my STL what had happened and she called the other STL and rescheduled for the next day.  I drive down to that store again, luckily the STL didn’t forget me this time, I could tell she saw me as an inconvenience and would much rather have been doing something else than interviewing me.  Based on the experience, I wasn’t too surprised that the STL passed on me but the reason was lame.  I was asked to tell her about I time I managed conflict so I told her about this group project I worked on and a classmate who was not pulling his weight, apparently she felt I should have told my professor on him instead of resolving it internally (I didn’t realize tattling was managing conflict) and that was the only feedback I got.

My STL then tells me that I can re-interview in six months to a year and that in the mean time she has the perfect specialist opportunity for me that will likely lead to a TL position that they are likely to get the okay to create.  The only kicker was that the position was on days so I would lose my differential, which sucked, but I was able to negotiate no closing on weekends (still had that other job).  So I am in the position for 3 months and I’m kicking butt at it, my new TL was always joking that I was actually the lead, then I find out I need surgery that would require me to be off of my feet for 2-3 weeks.  I go on LOA and am back within 3 weeks only to find that they did create the new TL position and hired someone else into it.  I was pissed so I asked my STL about it and she told me, “Well, Louis just had a baby so he could really use the money”.  After that, I was out of there within a month, having been hired by a different retailer to their equivalent of ETL.  I put in a two week notice but it just so happened that I had requested vacation for the second week six months prior for my sister’s wedding, so I worked for a week and then was on vacation for a week.

Fast forward a couple years, I’ve gotten married and my husband’s job relocates him to an area where my company doesn’t have any stores.  Luckily, he was making enough money where I could work part time and possibly go back to school.  I decide to apply at the Target there as I liked my job, I just didn’t like the BS my STL put me through.  I get the rejection notice right away so I call and ask why, turns out my old store labeled me as non-rehireable for not giving a two-week notice.  Unbelievable.


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