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May 29, 2014 - ipoptart

Wtf target

I was so excited to work at target. I’m sure most people are at first. My friend had started working there a few months before me and raved about how he loved it, and that I should apply ASAP! So…I did and after calling them twice they set me up with an interview. I aced the phone interview and the same day went in for an actual face to face interview. I was hired in the meat department, and never told wtf I did over there! Keep in mind I’m a short 142 pound wasn’t till my second day that ┬áthe women who hired me told me I had to be able to lift 80bls and work in a freezer most of the time. After 1 month of breaking down 7-8 foot pallets every other night and coming home bruised to hell from having meat boxes fall on me, I asked out of the department. My team lead then went on to tell me that he was the only one who would release me from the department and even if I was getting hurt that that would never happen. I felt stuck, stressed, and this affected every bit of my life. After 2 months the only other person other then the team lead, quit. I was left to basically run my department cause my team lead did nothing all day. I tryed telling upper management my situation and all they told me was that it was up to my team lead to allow me to move to a different department. It wasn’t till after I couldn’t walk from hurting my back, and a break down infront of the store manager that I was moved to cashiering. There they constantly skipped my breaks, yelled at me about red cards, denying me water and the use of the bathroom.they even cut my pay! They had barely trained me as a cashier, so I struggled to do stuff like gift recipes, and checks. Then was yelled at for not knowing how to do stuff. This was the worst job I had ever worked, and I was happy to quit after finding another job. They tried hounding me about redcards and I was free to scream “never!” Back at them. It was great! To this day I refuse to enter a target store. I feel like they abused me while working there!


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  • viciousdave says:

    Yeah, it sure is like that. You complain and say, I'm hurting badly, I need a new area ASAP. They say, oh but you know that area, you have to be 100% good at that area before you can go try a new area they said to me. It's like, than why did that black guy get to back room just 1 month after he started cashier? Red card crap, I just say, sure, yes, I'll ask, but I don't because I don't give a shit. And now, Target want's to accept all coupons of any kind, even if they're expired. They are committing a felony of retail sales. They abused me by just waving my arm and saying we need help. Like duh, it's the first amendment, freedom of speech, don't fucking tell me how to talk and ask for help, get off you're lazy ass and stop talking to the other team lead and get yours ass down here to help the guests! We're a retail store, not a oh he's the slave and we're the big team leads and we get paid to do nothing place! Target is crap, and when I am done, I will not go there anymore either.


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