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January 17, 2017 - Rav3n

WTF is with my salary??

I started as a Backroom TM October 2015.  Promoted to BR Team Lead March 2016.. BIG mistake, I lasted just 6 months with all the horrible ETL’s, miserable STL and the 6 days+ in a row, never getting 2 days off in a row but every other weekend.  So I demoted, and had to change stores.  I lost my $3.50 bump for TL, which was expected, but found out I am making a mere $.16 more than new people being hired on??  What gives?  My pay was never even brought up at the new store, where rumors are they start people higher because it’s a yuppie suburb….Do I ask what it up??  Or let it go, since I plan to quit next month anyway.


Suppose to be Flex Fullfilment TM, but they ALWAYS over estimate their orders and we get pulled to other areas, like f’en grocery….no thanks, I don’t want to do Flow Team!!!!!!




  • Anonymous says:

    Ive been working since 2013. and when i switched over to a different location in the store, i find out that im getting paid the same as everyone else that works in that area. which sucks. but they just said its cuz i was technically promoted... but even new hires are getting paid the same as me if they get hired in that area... but ive been with target for almost 4 years now... its not fair but what do i know

  • Rav3n says:

    Yeah it's pretty said that you can quit, and come back and make basically the same. I am about to turn my notice in, and then if I go the rest of the days, I don't know. It seems that even if you fulfill your 2 weeks, you still might not get hired back.. Happened to 2 people I know who left on good terms, and they wouldn't take them back a year or so later.

  • Silverfox says:

    And your salary will only go lower if someone has his way.


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