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June 22, 2012 - slave1452

WTF! I dont get it!

Why the hell do the LODs walk around deliberately messing up my zone? I’m on the sales floor working hard to clean up after the guests and zone the tables and racks properly by size and color. Yet the LODs walk around and mix up the sizes and colors on purpose. They also throw random items around the departments. At first I thought it was the guest but at one point there were no guests in my area at all yet when I turned away and came back everything was flipped around.

What is the purpose of this practice? Don’t they want the store to be neat and properly zoned? Why sabotage your employees? Don’t they wanted workers who actually work and care about the quality of their work? Would they rather me half-ass my work and leave the place looking a Fing mess? WTF!!! You pay us peanuts and we try to do a good job in spite of it; yet you walk around making things harder. It’s a mean and evil practice! Fing idiots!


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  • Hate_Me says:

    You don't have to say "F'ing" here...we're all big girls/boys and can handle it if you say "Fuck". Besides that, the dumbasses that walk around pushing random buttons on their PDA's in order to look busy (also known as Team Leads, etc.) fuck with the zone from time to time for several reasons.

    A) To see if you're paying attention to your zone

    B) During walking chats as they talk about adjacencies

    C) Because they're fucking dipshits who want to look like they're helping by sticking their fat hands in a rack, pretending to zone it, when really, they're just fucking shit up.

    Just quit. I can already tell you from 5 years of experience, you will NEVER like Target. They will always bend you over and ride you like Seabiscuit, and not even call you the next day.

    The End


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