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February 3, 2016 - Not happy


They keep changing my schedule and not tell me??? Is this their way of having an excuse to let a person go? Has anyone else gone through this?



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  • viciousdave says:

    You get a new 2 week ahead schedule to write down every week. So I think what you're saying is that they change the schedule that was already up. Well that's wrong, they can't do that. If they do they can't fire you for it, like if you had 2 days off and than they changed it 2 days before you came back it's like, hello target, you changed the schedule, I wasn't late, I wrote it down. I would suggest what I have done about issues with target, ask a team leader to speak to the manager of the store and you will have a talk in the front offices next to entrance. Tell him or her what happened and how much it has happened and that the HR whoever makes the schedule has screwed with the team members time long after the HR already put up that schedule and it's unfair to us.

  • caligirl90 says:

    Actually take a picture of the schedule they have posted with your cell phone so they can't say you "wrote it down wrong" . I'm am ecstatic I am out of that company. Left a week before Black Friday with no notice 🙂 and a person just went on vacation that same day I walked out. Lol

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Did this at my store all the time, they would change the schedule on you without notice a day or two before the shift. Like Caligirl90 said take a picture of it, however that will only go so far. There is a part online for the schedule that it's subject to change. They wrote someone up at my work who missed a day that was changed on him and said it's his responsibility to keep an eye on the schedule for changes.


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