Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

April 7, 2016 - stz195

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So today was a good day as Ice Cube would put it…I finally have closure on knowing that I am moving forward, and leaving for good reason, as well as bettering myself and my family in the end. I don’t understand why someone would have a look of confusion on their face? after telling them that this will be my last week of work here?? as I have better opportunities that have been offered to me.??

??My prayers have finally been answered!!! I am out of the place that is filled with negative air, rude college graduates, and a bunch of “clicky” little spoiled idiots that still live home with mommy and daddy.Although the there are some of the younger people who I respect, as they have respected me, there are always a few who think they own and run the place. They have always said that you can call the hotline and make a complaint but all in all, they do not care what you have to say and look at it in the end as a disgruntled employee. I am not disgruntled at all as I am leaving for one of the best opportunities of my life, a job with stability and getting paid for what I am really worth.

I encourage anybody that is looking for a job, whether it is a summer position or holiday help, to go elsewhere, you will not regret it in the end. Retail is a hidden word, in lamen terms, “re”—-over and over, “tail”—where they are going to ram it in real deep. So if you didn’t get what I just said, they keep sticking it in your ass, over and over!!!! Sorry if I am being blunt, but , it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why it is called target, the bullseye symbol should be a dead giveaway as to where this unprofessional corporation is going to stick it to it’s employees no matter how hard of a worker or how dedicated you are.

Another one of the stupid lingo words used often that is heard alot…wins and opportunities,

heres my motto on both….. Wins ; 1) go to school 2) get an education 3) find a good job

Opportunities  ; 1) if something along the way is offered to you, and you know

You can’t refuse it, don’t even hesitate


Thank you target for training your UMS, (Upper Management Shitheads) to driving good workers right out of the front door of your stores, if a place of employment is always hiring, that should be a red flag telling you just how good that company really is….. ???” Anyone have any vibe stories or recognition”…………..I do…. ??  I’d like to recognize that there are more and more target stores closing.??

When I hear this in the media, it brings me great vibe!!!!!!!!

????    ?GOOD JOB TARGET U?, the only things your driving are good workers out of your front door!!!!!!    Bottom 3 retail places to work!!!  That’s something to be proud of…..???

??????     Enough said….. The taste of revenge is so sweet!!!         ??????







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  • viciousdave says:

    Fuck Target, fuck em cold! People are usually good nice people in public, but for some odd stupid reason target turns leaders into some stupid idiotic children that always go are you done yet, are you done yet, you don't go fast enough. Why, why in the hell do the leaders go we are the authority of government we must push you to your ultimate limits. Uh no, fuck target, they are complete uder lunatics on a fringe of becoming psychological r*****s. Great job on leaving the worst place on earth to work.

  • deathmetal says:

    Any recognitions? Yes! I like to recognize target stupidity for treating their most productive employee like trash and expect too much of them while the slow slackers are left alone, I also like to recognize their thugs on the upper management as they play a large hand at the terrible work experience. Any more recognitions? Ok huddle's over!


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