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June 21, 2014 - megzxoxo

Worst place ever

I have worked at target for 9 months and like everyone I had high hopes for the place. Started as one of the originals. Building the store from the ground up! Nowhere did I sign onto do hard manual labour in outrageous conditions. The heat was broken which made the place extremely hot. Then during the winter it broke and all our cashiers had to wear their winter coats! There are a lot of flaws. And a lot of team members who think they are the shit. One person in particular is a guy who works in our electronics department. He goes around flirting with all the female team members when he’s a complete ass. He’s even admitted to wanting to bang an ETL. Gross. He makes working uncomfortable but he’s everyone’s favorite. There’s so much ass kissing it’s sickening. Team leads getting away with doing punch corrections for not even being at work!!! How is that fair?! I’m so glad to be out of that place. I did meet some cool people but I’m done with all that bullshit!!!


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