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January 20, 2016 - pissoff

Worst job ever

I don’t care what anyone says. Cashiers have it the hardest, even hearing the phrase “Red card” makes my butthole tighten. You have to ask EVERY customer whether they’re buying a cartfull of items or just a pack of gum. And about 25% you get bombed out for constantly hounding them. And if you even slightly defend yourself from the angry customer cussing you out? Boom write up, and they pull you into the back room pimp and ho style whenever you aren’t doing great with redcards and ask you “why aren’t you getting any?” Umm maybe because people dont want a freaking credit card from this satanic store . what else ?!? So glad im quitting this week 🙂


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  • viciousdave says:

    So true. Most of the time I don't ask, but when I do and if someone gets angry over it I just say management is responsible for what I said as they said we are required to ask, if it was up to me I wouldn't ask an all in bothering you, but they say I have to. Than the person says yeah they probably do. But hey good for quiting, unfortunately for me I have to stay as I have hearing loss and no other jobs will hire me for it.

  • AG says:

    another annoying thing about trying to sell redcards is that when a customer asks questions about how much of a discount they get, they're like "wowww a whole 5 percent lucky me!!!" in the sassiest tone, as if it were up to us, um okay.

  • aprileaprile says:

    Whenever I used to fill in as a cashier I absolutely refused to ask people because I think Target is fucking evil to try and push people into credit card debt. Because I was flow, I only had to be on the register occasionally and I could get away with not pushing red cards like a street corner dealer pushing crack. I knew of several coworkers who were let go for not getting enough of those shitty fucking red cards.

    • Silverfox says:

      You do realize you can sign people up then send them to guest services to pay their bill with debit /cash or check/cheque. Sheepshead. You don't have to push cc debit onto people.

      If target actually managed to make a go of it in canada, Canadian targets would probably have the highest red card sign ups given what I've seen. And the fact that they hired ex zellers employees drilled to sell the exact same thing.


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