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May 12, 2015 - Alice

Worst job ever; Fuck you Target!

Ive worked at target since September. This is my first job and i was so fucking excited to work there as i had liked target for a long time. I was hired in softlines. Now, let me explain my softlines training. I was put on a floor with a girl who didnt even know what she was doing. She showed me where the brands in RTW were then told me to put clothes away. Thats it. A little later that day i had my cashier training. They gave me a book, put me on the training register, and yeah. Thats it. They. Then put me on a lane with a girl that just up and left. Yes, work for tarshit and this is your training. Just a month later i was put on as operator. Worst. Job. Ever. You think its just answering the phone and directing calls? Wrong. We sort reshop, make labels, defect, deal with bitchy guests on the phone, and deal with fitting room. Not fun. Im now in Cafe with 1 softlines shift a month.. Which i cant complain about because i fucking hate softlines.

Now, my store is fairly old. Actually, its one of the first 20. Its small and always dirty. Its very dated and we have termite problems. Theres so many safety issues that the health department could shut us down, and lawd do I wish they would.

Shall i move to management? OF COURSE. They suck. They just suck. Im harassed on a daily basis by them. One etl, Katie, is especially bad. Dont even think about calling out when this bitch is there. I had a funeral today and when i tried to call out, i was net with “Oh, are you sure you cant make it? Its Saturday and were busy.” So, i agreed to come in at a later time tho i didnt. I called again when our hr etl was there to hear “Your attendance is really bad.” and i said “i know” to which he said “It doesnt matter if you know. So you’re not coming in?” when i said no, he very rudely said okay goodnight. Needless to say, my attendance is actually pretty good. Im never late. Sure, ive called in about 8 times since i started lol.

Now about my  store manager… Hes dumb. Nice guy, but stupid. In cafe we have cleaning logs that we initial when we complete tasks. I had to leave cafe without cleaning it at 3:30 one day, the end of my shift, because they didnt know if anyone would come In after me. I returned to open the next day to everything being as filthy as it was left. Popcorn in the machine, everything unlocked, and the grill nice and disgusting. The store manager signed off that he cleaned everything… And signed off on the temp log. How disgusting c:

Quitting to find a new job soon. This place is corrupt as fuck and you cant live on the shitty pay. 30 hours a week at 9.12$ an hour isnt exactly helpful when you have bills.

Anyone wanting to work here should run with their tails between their legs.


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