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September 3, 2017 - Unknown28

Worst Interview I’ve ever had. HR has no clue!

I recently had a couple interviews at Target. For my first interview I got there about 15 minutes early and waited 25-30 minutes to meet with the interviewer, but not too bad.

They had me come in for a second interview about 4 hours later. Again, I got there about 15 minutes early. I WAITED OVER AN HOUR FOR SOMEONE TO INTERVIEW ME THE SECOND TIME….. AN HOUR!!!

I absolutely needed a job or else I would have walked out a long time before that.

I sat there in the cafe area where I was told to wait and wait and wait. I finally got fed up and stood directly in the line of site of the employee work room. About 5 minutes later the LOD and HR walk by and say, “Oh shit” to each other. By that time I was fuming let me tell you.

The HR member comes up to me with some excuse that they didn’t know who was supposed to be interviewing me, but my interview was set up 4 hours ago. So, in that time period they couldn’t have decided amongst themselves who was going to perform the interview????  I also saw these same employees standing around chatting about nothing work related. So…in that time period they were standing around doing nothing they couldn’t figure out who was supposed to interview me? And I know full well they knew that I was there for the interview because they acknowledged the girl who told them I was there.

So, I finally get into the interview  (I made a point to say I was waiting over an hour) and the HR member is using her computer and texting on her phone!! I sat there for a solid 3 minutes staring into space. Finally, she snaps back to it and asks me a question, but doesn’t seem to be paying attention to any of my answers. By far the rudest interview I’ve ever had. Needless to say I got the job, but I knew from the beginning how this place was going to operate.


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  • WorstJobEver2012 says:

    I really can't say that I'm surprised by the lack of professionalism on the part of the HR staff you had the unfortunate luck to be forced to deal with. When it was over, I'd be willing to bet that rather than feel like the idiots they proved themselves to be, they spun the situation into a test of your patience and dedication to Target! Great Team Cards all around! If you stick with Target after all you already were subjected to its going to be like idiots beating on the pinata that is your sanity!


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