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December 20, 2015 - njguy79

worst company and management ever !!!

Hey fellow target haters , I will try to make this short and sweet .Because of certain life events had to take a job at a target in Altamonte springs florida. applied in august of this year and started in October. first off things started ok but quickly went down hill.  worked on  flo-team which is terrible. most memebers are young kid’s who have no work ethic come to work high on pot and play rap music all night long. I have never been given so much negative feed back before in my life by these no nothings team leads who barely make 25,000 a year. this place is a joke no wonder they can’t find anybody good to work their. when I finally got re-hired at my old job for double the pay the asshole manager had the nerve to put me on the defensive because I “used” them until I got another job. so I said I can work maybe 10 hours a week their just for the discount.  so these asshole’s schedule me for 5 days in a row !! I didn’t want their shit job and quit they begged me to stay and said I could work when I wanted. plus the scheduled me to work thanksgiving which I never said I would. so I never showed up and that was that. bottom line target is a terrible company to work for and pays shit. plus the way they handled food safety at the Altamonte store would make you sick


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