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September 13, 2015 - takemethere

Worse and more worse

Call ins…call ins…workers quitting from team members to team leads to senior team leads to etls as stores in general get worse and more worse coming into fourth quarter. Payroll hours being cut so much more work for those who do show up and loads of times the job not completed. Road block in logistics as the truck loads are not moved to sales floor completely causing the stockroom to look like hurricane Katrina came through. Frustrated team members, team leads, senior team leads, etls and stls as the morale in the stores are getting worse and more worse. Some stores still suffer from jacked up schedules as hr team struggles to make proper schedules. Training issues. Orientation is so jacked up and rushed. New team member training an epic fail and some wonder why the quit so soon unless they are busted for some kind of theft. Equipment issues: My devices come up missing or they do not work half of the time. You come into work and there is no equipment to perform the job. Missing two way radios. Registers still freezes and guests red card transactions are reading “cancelled” after new roll out with the chip card. Global service desk drama again and again nation wide as the receipt lookup option is not working. New debit chip card payments not accepted for credit red card payments. Hot stores in our district with ongoing heating and cooling conditions. It is not hard to tell that members of management are burn out and after x amount of years they finally leave simply due to TARGET STRESS. I predicted that people in our district are going to leave in a massive exodus. It has already begun and i do not believe that Target is getting prepared for what is to come. High time to provide payroll, hire talent, built trust among the team, fix morale, get rid of half ass, lazy and disrespectful and crooked team members and lods who serve no purpose, start drug testing team members and make target great again. Target Canada was an epic fail. Online shopping although great will not save the company in general. I have seen it over and over again as true and real talent end up leaving target to new jobs because as much hard work and dedication that they put inĀ  nothing is getting better. Time for this new CEO to do what has never been done and make an unannounced visit to some of these stores so that he can see the real deal and learn that loads of work needs to be done at the bottom if he wants to stay on top. As i float from stores to stores i see and hear the same thing. It is not a good thing for college interns who are interested in a retail future with the bull’s eye


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  • RedCardFairy says:

    I 100% agree with everything you have said. Target is short sighted in their approach to managing team members, training, upgrading equipment. Their only and sole focus is making their redcard goals. Their business model is lopsided and unsustainable. The saying make it right for the guest and say yes to the guest are a complete joke. I probably give my weekly paycheck away in target coupons, price adjustments all so these people will be loyal and come back. Duh! They are only shopping @ target for the deals and discounts. We don't have loyalty we have price point shoppers who are here out of necessity.

  • blah says:

    Buy 4 hair dyes for $5 each get $10 in gift cards. Use 4 $2 off manufacturer coupons, use 4 $1.50 target coupon, use cartwheel get $5 gift for spending $20 in hair care products. Get paid $29 to return it all the next day is the demographic target attracts these days.

  • viciousdave says:

    For one thing you said equipment stuff is gone. That's why my LODs for everyday get the equpment room key and lock it up, so no one steels and everyone has to write down what number device or talker evertime they get it and return it back in or they will be accused of steeling.


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