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September 1, 2015 - tiredofbeingsickandtired


I couldnt take it anymore…they wore me down until there was nothing left. I was crying all the time and so stressed and was there longer than 10 years wont say much because i dont want to be “negative” (sarcastic eye roll) as i am sure there are prying eyes. But what i am worried about and hope you guys can help is…i quit without notice there is more reason than one most of which im keeping off here. I couldnt take it i had 3 anxiety attacks in two weeks! But i didnt see another way out and no one was helping me. Not evrn HR. My worry is i applied for other jobs and sooo worried i womt get them even though target doesnt do references. Could my potential boss still find out? Should i keep quiet unless asked?and whats a good thing to say if asked or confronted?


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  • KissMyAssTarget says:

    I think it's kind of hard to have an opinion about this or even give some advice without knowing all the details. I will say this though, other employers can always find out about your past work history. All they have to do is call and ask questions (if you listed your past employer) and if you left on bad terms then of course they'll try to give you a bad name. I would keep quiet unless it was brought up. What they don't know isn't important. And if they don't know then there's no need to bring it up or worry. If it does then just be honest and say it was a hostile work environment that was harmful to your health. Don't stress over something you can't control

    • MrSharkNasty says:

      KissMyAssTarget you gave absolutely horrible advice! The worst thing you can ever do on a job interview is bash your former employer. Saying it was a hostile work environment will look very poorly on your part. There are several red flags a future employer will find in this statement. The future employer will think well when the going get's tough here will they just up and quit? Is this person extra sensitive? When they leave our company will they talk poorly about us to other companies? And you're wrong about all they have to do and call and ask questions. Many companies have very strict policy on what can be said about a former worker. This is to avoid future litigation against the company. Any statement giving about an individual can be looked at as slander and pure revenge on them seeking a living. Most major corporations will only list time periods worked and that's it. Now if you list someone as a reference they have every right to speak their mind. So be absoutly sure whoever you have as a professional reference will give a good one

      • KissMyAssTarget says:

        I wasn't trying to give horrible advice....I was just giving my opinion but I never said to bash the former employer either. You read too much into that. Some companies are hard to work for and there are some are hostile environments out there. You don't have to stay at any job. This person obviously had enough of whatever they were going through so they chose to leave on their terms, sometimes that is just what feels right. It's not always about what is politically correct. I see your point as far as companies having their own policies but at the same time they don't always practice those same policies. I know from experience which is why I gave my opinion. Thanks for your feedback

  • TargetSucks says:

    Corporations in general don't do anything beyond confirming whether or not you actually worked for them. If a call to a former employer prevents you from getting a job, you can actually sue the former employer. Murica!

  • vmj11 says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it law employers can only ask yes or no questions? And previously employers all they are allowed to say is yes or no answers? For example: would you hire this person again? The previous employer can only give yes or no responce.

  • tiredofbeingsickandtired says:

    I am not sure but I have way more to tell. I just cant say much right now as i have pending job interview decision im waiting on and knowing my luck a 'manager' at target will see this , know who i am and somehow sabotage me. But i have tons of stuff that will shock alot of you that id like to share

  • Viberator says:

    At this level of employment, most employers don't follow up on past positions held. They just want to see periods of sustained employment. When you fill out the 'reason for leaving' area on the application, just say something like, "transferring to new area" or "company didn't align with my personal goals." If you use the latter statement, be prepared to explain what your goals are and how the new job will fulfill your goals.

    If the new employer does contact a former employer, they typically verify dates of employment. Laws forbid previous employers from 'badmouthing' previous employees. The one question that can and often does get asked is, "you you concider rehiring his individual in the future?" Which is either answered with a "yes," "our policies forbade rehiring under the past circumstances," or "we currently have no opening to fill." Those three answers translates to: good employee, issues with attendance or other company policy, or performance issues... in that same order. If your issues were not getting enough RedCards, then you should receive a favorable answer.

    Best course of action is to tell no one that you're looking for other employment. You'd be surprised who would try to sabotage you... even supposed friends. good luck in your job search!


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