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January 29, 2018 - aliendoll

Should I be worried? (FINAL WARNING)

So i’ve gotten a final warning in the past (years ago) and my LOD was as gentle as he could about it. (long story short: forgot to turn in electronics keys they went missing and then it meant i earned a final warning and he told me it’ll be okay we moved on from there and a year later it was gone smooth as ever)

but today i got a final warning (LOD is claiming he’s gonna give me the warning tomorrow) and basically attempted to force me to resign (likely so i couldn’t collect unemployment) and i refused but he kept insisting and i kept refusing. He was extremely abrasive and demeaning and an asshole about everything basically said ‘i would just resign because honestly at this point it doesn’t look good for you no matter what you do unless you make a COMPLETE change, i’ve lost complete faith.’ and the reasoning for the final warning is a write up for texting (i intended to speak to the head of the store later today because it was entirely injustified— i answered a text from my mom 15 mins before closing where she was letting me know she was on her way to get me) and today he claimed i extended my 15 min break for TWO HOURS which is a blatant lie. i still intend to talk to the head of my store today (gonna go in early) to talk to him about all of this because HR is shit anyway. i’ve been here 8 years (too long) but should i be genuinely worried? or was he just using some bull shit scare tactics to get me to resign even though i wouldn’t budge?


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  • TargetSucks says:

    You're right not to resign. If they fire you, fuck 'em. Collect unemployment while you look for a better job.

  • bigrog44 says:

    I know how you feel. This past year, my health has been deteriorating. I have a diabetic ulcer in my right big toe. All of last September, I've been in pain with my leg and I still come into work. at the end of September, I had to admit myself into the hospital. I stayed there for a week. Then I got out and had lots of doctor's appointments that cost lots of money even with insurance. I had to take a temporary leave of absence so I can get better. I was out for 3 1/2 months. Before I got to the hospital the manager would always take me to the back for corrective action. They keep on saying that I'm not promoting Target products and I'm moving too slow. The way I was walking they should be able to tell that I'm hurting. My leg was hurting me so bad that I was almost in tears. I still came into work. September 30th I went into the hospital. After my temporary leave of absence, I went into work January 8th and I already had a corrective action that happened back in September. Then he brought up September 29th when I was in the most pain. I had to help a guest at the self check out. Then a guest was at my register waiting to be waited on and the GSA said Roger, you need to get back at your register. I got in trouble for that. I said if you want me back here then you help that guest at self-checkout instead of yelling at me for doing your job. I told the manager I was in lots of pain and he wants me to smile. Sad. On New Year's Day, I found out that a really close friend of mine passed away. Everytime that he brings me back home he always tells me how proud of me he is. He always compliments me and that means a lot to me. So a week after I came back to work the diabetic ulcer came back. I still working. That's when I decided to put in my 2 weeks notice. I said what should I do. People recommend me to put my notice in soon for health reasons. I went in there and turned in my name badges and my discount card and told the manager that I quit after almost 15 years. Now I'm waiting for my W2 forms from Target. Target was a great place to work, but some of the management suck. Some of the people treated you like shit and I decided to quit before I curse somebody out. Then last another friend who was almost like a brother passed away. Then they are going to amputate my right big toe. I'm not in the mood for Target's bullshit.


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