Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

July 5, 2015 - brendan

Working In Electronics

I work at a newer target that recently opened. When our target opened we had tons of hours to give out. Working in electronics, I honestly did not mind it at all. I was working 40 hours a week for about two months…. After about two months, everything started to settle in and I guess we were like any other target. I’m sure that most of you know what AAR is, (accessory attachment rate), and how we are rated and how we are always competing for #1 in the district. So basically every single shift I do is a closing shift, which is the only shift that will get me 32 hours a week, so I pull through. But the one thing that absolutely frustrates me is zoning. Besides toothpastes aisles, and all cleaning supplies, you figure the next worst section would be toys, and seasonal. In my store they’re conveniently in the same area as electronics, and at the end of every night everything needs to be zoned. Of course I would have to be the one to do it. Picture doing all the reshop for electronics/toys/seasonal + the zone for electronics/toys/seasonal in one night. Toys is usually a disaster every single day from kids with irresponsible parents. (especially during the summer when we have the huge bouncy balls, and they kick them around and knock stuff over) Every single night, I’m expected to zone all of toys, seasonal, and electronics WHILE have a good AAR score.

The one thing that no one will ever understand is…. How exactly am I suppose to sell guests all these extra accessories on their items when I am not in the department to do so.

The other day, my mother ordered something online, and 5 minutes before the store was closed, I went up to guest services to pick it up, and I thought it would be convenient to grab re-shop, and pick up my moms order. The LOD approaches me and says, you know you’re not suppose to be doing this while you’re on the clock, especially when you need to be zoning. I responded with sorry, my mom just really needed this stuff. Then the LOD got a really bad attitude, and said how I never do a good job zoning, and I am always having problems with it.

When I was hired at target, I thought I would be working in the department scheduled.

Basically my shift consists of:

  • Coming into work, grabbing reshop for toys/seasonal (which is always full)
  • Doing the reshop (which takes about 1-1 1/2 hours)
  • Start zoning toys because it looks absolutely terrible.
  • Go grab the reshop again because from the middle of the afternoon to about 6-7 is when it is the worst
  • Then just zone until close.

90% of my shift is spent doing reshop/zoning when I should be in electronics trying to help guests.

One last thing I would like to input is, some stores have Target Mobile, which is a different company that fills the positions for the store. One thing that absolutely aggravates me is that they get commission on selling targets products. So cell phone cases/headphones/fitbits/etc. They get commission. Even though its minimal (2%) It can easily add up…. They are also paid more, and target employees cant tell them what to do. In my store, they basically sit around, and we let them ring everything out. So basically I’m standing next to someone who’s getting $1-4 more an hour than me + commission.


Over the past few months I’ve grown a deep hatred for this job, and been trying absolutely everything I can to land a new job. Every single day I go into work now it just makes me miserable, and everyone notices it. Theres nothing fun to the job anymore.


I honestly can’t wait till the day I can land a better job


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  • blah says:

    Mobile generally only gets commission on phones and phone accessories (things like headphones only count on promotions). I just give mobile those sales because those things don't do anything for attachment rates (Target doesn't really sell any accessories other then Iphone/galaxy). In fact Target cares more about red cards then actual attachments (From what I was told a red card increases your score most next is warranties and then actual attachments). Luckily the managers learned real quick that they need someone in toys most days after coming in and seeing a dozen carts. Although it sucks to be the person who works electronics on Tues/Weds.

  • RedCardFairy says:

    Sorry! Target sucks period. I have never seen a more poorly run company. Their business model is built on desparation. The team members are desperate for work, the guests are desperate to make ends meet. So no one pays attention to the fact that everyone but the stockholders are getting screwed. Target is a blight on society.

  • Silverfox says:

    If one is desperate to make ends meet target is the last place I be shopping at.


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