Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

October 18, 2015 - GetRektt

Working at Target is awful.

This one is for you, Target T1946.

I should’ve known from the start that working at this Target would be horrible. Let me start off with saying that they don’t pay you nearly enough (yet they give away gift cards like their souls depend on it) to put up with the amount of stuff that they put you through.

1.) Severely understaffed. – When I got hired on there was only two people working softlines. If you’ve ever worked in softlines before then I don’t need to explain how bad this is. Especially on weekends. Not to mention the lack of cashiers who call for backup every ten minutes. By the way the cashiers get to go home on time and you don’t until ALL zoning is finished, regardless of how much time you wasted on checklanes. Apparently it’s not in their budget to hire new cashiers. OH and here’s the best part; when you come in to start your evening shift expect at least 5-8 pulls in the backroom to be waiting on you. You won’t finish with those until 8 p.m and the store closes at 10 p.m. Also, when you come in chances are that someone has either quit or called off so you get stuck doing a job you’ve never even done before. The fitting room being a fine example; a team member quit and when I showed up for my shift a Z-rack was waiting for me. For a while there was no one to cover the fitting room so softlines had to zone activewear AND do their own reshop. Softlines NEVER zones activewear. There’s not enough time and you know that.

2.) High Turnover rate. – I only worked there for ninety days and at least nine people have quit within that time. That should tell you something.

3.) The LOD’s have favorites. – I won’t say any names here but this person has worked with Target for quite some years. She’s an LOD and did nothing when I reported that a team member was using the fitting room phone to make phone calls to her boyfriend, asking to trade shifts with me and another coworker for money, and texting/calling her boyfriend while on the floor.

4.) Awful Training. – One of the team members training me actually told me that If I didn’t feel like finishing a pull, just take it to the backroom and slap a backstock clip onto it (Yes, this is the same person who makes phone calls on the fitting room’s phone.) No one would ever know.

5.) You get called into the office for petty stuff. – When I was pulled into an LOD’s office I was told that my zone’s haven’t improved (Hadn’t even worked there long enough for them to improve), the other team members dislike working with me, and that I have an attitude problem. Also, got pulled into the office for some he-said/she-said. Nothing that the LOD could even prove, she was just going off of someone’s word.

6.) Pointless Nagging. – I came in early and was browsing before my shift. An LOD approached me and told me to take off my name tag so I wouldn’t be approached by guests. If you’re wearing khaki and red you’re going to be approached regardless of a name tag. Duh. Apparently you can’t use your phone outside of the breakroom either, even though you’re on break.

7.) “They’re Guests, Not Customers.” Self explanatory.

8.) You NEVER go home on time. – LOD’s after closing are pushy about reshop. “Alright guys, let’s get an extra five minutes on this reshop! Do your best to blitz it out!” Like wow. I managed to put away one more item from the mound of reshop in my cart. Not to mention you can’t leave after clocking out. Nope that’d be too easy to get out of Target. You have to wait for everyone to clockout, wait for the LOD to send an email to who knows, AND then you can leave.

9.) Stop calling huddles. No one cares about your numbers.

10.) Redcards > Life. – T1946 is well over the yearly goal for Redcards and yet the weekly goal during the Holiday season is like seventy. You do realize that over half of the people who are coming into your store are returning customers? You can tell by the look on their faces when you routinely ask, harass them about signing up for a mere .5% discount.

11.) Guests  Customers are filthy. – No one is your maid. Stop leaving your disgusting lipstick smeared Starbucks cups around the store. Put stuff back where it belongs; especially if you’re looking right at where the item goes. There’s no reason to be so lazy as you leave a carton of ice cream in a pile of lingerie. You have no idea how mad it makes people to watch you unfold, misplace, or toss an item in an area that was just zoned. The store is not a playground so stop letting your kids knock over everything and pretend like you didn’t see it.

12.) The morning team leaves work for people in the afternoon. – When it’s time for them to go they don’t care. They’ll leave carts, pallets, pulls, and trash everywhere. Once there was a cart of shoes that needed to go onto the floor, the morning team left it there for at least two weeks before anything was done about it.

13.) Couponers. – You aren’t slick. Stop dividing your items into two separate orders so you can get another $5.00 gift card. Speaking of which we give those away like it’s free candy. Oh I’m sorry, did I take too long checking you out even though there was already five people in the line? Here’s a gift card. Did you take the price sticker of another item and somehow got it “confused” with the price of another item? Here’s a gift card. Did a team member take too long getting an item out of the backroom even though they have no experience with grabbing items from back there? Here’s a gift card.

Overall, I wouldn’t work at T1946 EVER again. Avoid them like the plague.

P.S. If anyone from T1946 is reading this, there’s a private Facebook page where team members talk trash about you and the LOD’s. Lol.


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  • thebeast123 says:

    I am new to the sight. I must say this is the worst part time job I ever had.

    Although the customers are not as trashy as the ones that are at the Walmart next door; they mess target up a lot more. I shouldn't find pabst blue ribbon beer where the towels are at. I can no longer work for a place that has customers who lack manners. I can understand misplaced related items but I shouldn't find condoms, tampons and stuff the store no longer sells in the rugs, towels and light bulb section. I shouldn't find used diapers in shopping carts.

    I work hard lines and while the job is simple it's inane at times. The whole I need cashiers over the walkie talkie is old every 15 minutes. The whole I need red cards thing is irritating if they don't want one they don't want one..

    I put in a request to take Friday through Sunday off on two occasions. One of which was to attend one of my last army reserve drills because I needed to get out due to my service connected disability. No one told me anything. I had to email my pl and co why I had to miss.

    Next happened just recently I needed to take days off so I could drive back home to see my mom. My dad passed away from cancer and his birthday was coming up. During my dads battle with cancer I only saw him a handful of times due to my then active duty service in the army where I was a medic.

    I explained to two lods and was told they would find someone to replace me. No one had the courtesy to tell me they couldn't find a replacement.

    Anyways the morning that I was hoping to leave I was feeling sick and I also had trouble actually I couldn't swallow anything. I was hoping to walk in at a clinic to remedy it, I panicked bc it was something I never felt before. I told them I was sick then the store director told me to call later this evening.

    Due to rage at the time I was so pissed off that I wasn't in the right mental state to work anyway.

    I did call again and told them I wasn't coming in. I was lectured about how the lod found it peculiar that I was sick on the days that I wanted off. I'm 33 years old and I am a 40% disabled veteran. I'm not playing hookie or going to clubs. I took this job just to use a little extra money and see if I could ever work for a corporation again. I also have two college degrees and working on my third one. I'm not your typical worker.

    What I learned is that even with this part time job ill never be able to work again full time. Due to ibs I go to the bathroom too much.

    I also have adjustment disorder with anxiety and depression. It isn't my fault I didn't work with honest people who don't care about their subordinates.

    I am hurt and disappointed more so than I am angry at the store now. I probably got fired but I decided to just not call back. The lod told me if I didn't come in Saturday then this isn't the career for me. Never have I ever been disrespected by a superior. It was never a career to begin with. I was also told I would receive "coaching" whatever that meant.

    I'm tired of all the calls asking me to come in when not scheduled. I'm tired of the leaving at midnight or later after the store closes at 11. The new store director of where I was has fired apx 150 people. I now see why because the corporation lacks integrity which in turns makes hard working people not want to work for them.

    Not to mention they are too cheap to hire cashiers? How can you be to cheap to not hire the real face of the store in my opinion.

  • viciousdave says:

    Yup, nothing like the Asians. They come in, get a ton of baby stuff. 4 is the maximum for coupons for the same order. So 4 baby catalina food containers, Every 2 is a $5 card, than the 4 coupons, than the cartwheel, and than the red card, saved $20 dollars! Does it again on her next order. Than does the little glass baby food containers, hands me her stupid WIC and we check for real name as it's required by retailers of all kinds. Yeah ok get this free to cause the god damn government gave you free food. I get pulled in the office too sometimes and they say you're too mean to people. like what? So what I have regret about everyone cheating and using coupons, WIC, cartwheel, gift cards and red card. I don't say anything, it's just that is lying, cheating, and steeling. So I go hmmm on the face with the upward lip faint look as it's just more government give away crap. I got the opposite problem on staff though, we have people everywhere on cashiers, 17 of the 20 main lanes are open and we have the new self check out lanes in my store, backroom has way more than enough people for overnight unloads as I see as I go home from cashier closing, and floor people are enough like 8 to 10 a day. Yet they're putting out now hiring signs. WTF? Yeah ok I get it for the holiday season of the holiday stuff. But with those 3 other lanes in the 20 not working, somethings broke, well, that means when I come in there won't be a lane open for me to work on at all, so I'll do carts and other inside crap. I've done carts several times before, even full time, but I wanted to be at some time while I was cashier for a long time. Target sucks, they don't think about the reality of money, and soon target will crash because they are giving out way way too much money.

  • caligirl90 says:

    All of these points are so true ( and hilarious lol )
    That extra 5 mins thing stuck out to me though because they did that to me once when I first started after an 8 hour day and to stay an extra 15 mins. Of course I did because I was new. If it happens again I'm literally punching out on time and informing the LOD I am punching out and heading home. I have other obligations and I am only scheduled to such and such time. So I am leaving. What can they do ? Lol. Fire me. I could care less.
    kind of curious..... What did they say your other "team members" didn't like about you and not like working with you ? There are at least 3 or 4 people that hate my guts where I work and I just laugh lol. Of course they are lifers and total target zealots. There is even one kid that works there that is like there 24/7. After he's done working he sticks around after his shift and even comes in later at night to pick people up who need rides home or just chit chat with other workers. Get a freaking life !?!! I can't wait to punch out. I'm always the first one out the door !! And I haven't even hit my 90 days yet. ( coming up first week of November) if they keep me it would be a miracle bc I think they know I hate the place because I give at least one shift away per week lol.

  • thebeast123 says:

    I know people hate me there. I also had someone congratulate me when I walked into the store and told them Im fired.

    First the hr etl called me and asked if I wanted to still work at target after I no showed for 2 days. I told him no because I can't work somewhere where I felt disrespected. I then went in the store to get my 2nd last paycheck and told the hr etl to mail my pink slip. My senior team leader supported my decision when I told him what happened.

  • Bambii says:

    corp would lose their minds if they actually looked at the store up and down


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