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August 2, 2016 - ppboy

Worked 3-4 weeks, put in my two weeks, put down as 2 ncns lmao

So I just got hired not too long ago and worked for about 3-4 weeks. It was alright, customer service not my favorite thing but I had a good team and nice TLs, except that they were unable to train me properly as a cashier so I struggled to learn some things. Had to put in my 2 weeks though because of transportation reasons.

My first NCNS is reasonable since I misread my schedule, talked to HR and she said it was fine. But for the past couple of days I’ve had 8-9 hour shifts, trudging through while I’m dealing with this unbearable jaw pain. My last couple of hours I started to get dizzy and nauseous because of the pain. Didn’t get better the next day so I called in 3 hours before my shift and told LOD why. She puts me down as TWO NCNS. LITERALLY. WHILE WE ARE TALKING. WHILE I CALL HER TO TELL HER 3 HOURS BEFORE MY SHIFT THAT I CANNOT COME IN??????



Is that even allowed… I obviously followed procedure and called ahead of time (within the time frame) to let the LOD know I’m unable to come in, how does that count as a NCNS

w/e I haven’t even been asking for red cards all week bc I’m leaving soon anyways jfc lmao I’ve seen so many ppl have trouble using their red card where it gets declined right then and there. how tf is it declining in the only store it works at.


Though I CANT BELIEVE MY STORE they are horrible with training. They keep taking in new cashiers (who soon realize how horrible this job is) and NOT training them correctly. I literally was trained for maybe 30 minutes and thrown onto a register by myself for the rest of the ongoing weeks. I haven’t even been here for 90 days and they get ME to train a newly hired cashier. THEY GET ALL THESE NEW CASHIERS YET THEY WANT TO TELL ME THEY ARE TOO SHORT ON CASHIERS TO PROPERLY TRAIN ME? How am I suppose to help this new cashier learn the ropes when I don’t even know the ropes yet!!!! I heard about my other coworkers facing the same issue, gets no training themselves but is expected to train a new employee right off the bat. :\ target please lmao plus target puts these brand new cashiers on the spot by scheduling them on the busiest days. The lines get backed up because of mistakes and cashiers are too stressed to suggest redcards which lead to backlash by TLs.

Was helping a customer once and asked about the redcard, she said no and my TL comes over to her to force feed her by fucking saying “oh but if you get the redcard you get FREE POPCORN TODAY!!! COME ON just do it JSUT GET A CARD ITS NOT THAT HARD.” AND OF COURSE the customer is standing there looking stressed and cornered and she whispers under her breath that she is ONLY 17 YEARS OLD like obviously that is a sign please stop harassing her about your stupid fucking red cards I swear to the lrodie.

It makes me upset since most of my team are really sweet but they are under target policy and cant escape it lmao….


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  • viciousdave says:

    Basically my store also. Hire too much, never quit, have too many hired, get less hours because too many people hired. New people given most hours and long timers get short on hours. Typical Target, they should invest in getting an experienced retail manager to tell them how bad they are messing up on time and schedules for people.

  • al says:

    Target just doesn't care. For all my years there I thought they Target just doesn't get it . They do they just don't care about their team members. Free popcorn hahaha what a joke!!


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