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March 27, 2014 - disgusted

Work very hard on something, only for a favourite or some TL to claim all the credit

I am so tired of this, does anyone have any input or advice, Many times I have done a project alone,(that the TL assigned 3 people to), but somehow the other 2 decided on their own to do something else instead. (brown nose some other TL or ETL in the process). later the very people that did not help, took the credit later for it.  It sure makes me wonder why do I bother?




  • buymeamovie1st says:

    Better Idea do like I did and use all your spare time to look for another job, it could be pounding bricks who cares it will most likely pay more and get more hours. After a year of dealing with those pricks Id do anything other than that, Thank God I got a new job, fuck retail and fuck Target


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