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May 29, 2011 - mk4

Won’t ever shop there again.

WE too were treated as if we were a pain in the Ass for Target Employees…. I realize they are treated poorly, but that is NO excuse to pass that along to a customer…. we simply wanted a manager to ring another store to check on an item… b/c the color was not available in the store we were in for a UPS Check… the answer was an eye roll, a sigh and a ‘I can’t do that”…. REALLY?? I have worked retail over the years and one can ALWAYS help the customer, one can always ring another store, even if they KNOW there is no item available… it was the 3rd time in a row we were treated as though asking a question was a giant inconvenience….. Needless to say, we won’t darken their door again… they may not care, but we do… besides, who needs a LOT of crap made in the People’s Republic of China that breaks and can cause health issues anyway!!! Thanks for the site.. we tried to go to and there was no easy way to ‘contact us’…. even with a link that states ‘contact us’….. ARRRGGGHHH!




  • TargetSucks says:

    Hey now, you're not a CUSTOMER, you're a GUEST! Hahahahah. Target is so full of shit it's funny. If we were their guests, they would have to give us the shit for free for them to be considered hospitable hosts!

  • expectlesspaymore says:

    If you were a guest, I would kick you out for messing up MY house. You would be respectful and clean up after yourself. I feel bad for the ones that are nice and don't make a mess but the rest can GTFO.

  • TargetSucks says:

    A good host cleans up after their guests too. I know I do when I have guests over! Okay, maybe it's my wife that cleans up, but we still do it. 🙂


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