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November 22, 2012 - TargetSucks

Why the fuck did I start working here?

When I first started working for Target I was sort of happy and glad to have a job with people. What the fuck was wrong with me. I have been with this shameful company with dishonest practices for 4.5 years. I have been harassed, bullied, stalked, belittled, and treated like straight up shit for trying to do whats right and fair. My STL is a bitch and she needs to work around the store more to burn off some extra hundred pounds or more. The ETL-LOG is a cunt for the most part who tries to sleep with team members and gossip about others just to start shit. She also is a back stabbing lying fuck tard who will actively insult someone for trying to be nice. ETL-HR is a waste of “resources” because he has never worked HR before and won’t grow a set to help out the “team”. ETL-Hardlines is fresh out of college, which his father is an STL so go figure he got the job, wants to fuck all the slutty girls but wants they bring him drama he tells them to get back to work and that he is busy.

The training at T-2297 is fucking sad. We are forced to just give the new people the training book and cards and tell them to read it. Then after they do that in twenty minutes they staid there for close to a hour before a GSTL/GSA can get back to them. Then they a place on a lane and told good luck I’ll be somewhere else if you need me. So every fucking time I walk by a lane they ask questions that should have be answered during the training. My gods this place is fucking sad.

I work guest services on top of  getting carts, answering the phones, ad prep, food ave, back up cashier, SFT jobs, he’s just as fucking worthless, and the list could keep growing. Then I get bitched at when I come back from having just one day off that my work center looks like shit. Of course it does the fucking untrained r*****s you have working here don’t know what to do. And god forbid you try and train them. I tried to train someone yesterday, then had a “senior” team leader that looks like an unraveled q-tip tell me that two people should not be working on the same thing, so I told her politely that I was training her and I would do something else once I showed her what to do. The q-tip bitch went and told my GSA that was right in front of me, like I wasn’t even in plain sight, the same thing. So I waited until she left and told my GSA that I didn’t like ignorant, uneducated, old people trying to tell me how to do my job when they can’t and never will. So I went on my way and did other tasks and told a ETL what just happened and they said they would talk to her. Thirty minutes later I’m sitting in the HR office off the clock getting chewed out and told I’m being put on final notice.

WTMF is wrong with buttfucking company? Do they even know what it is to be human anymore? I am working on two IT degrees and don’t need this extra r******d fucking drama in my life. I have finals in two weeks and don’t need this shit.


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