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June 9, 2015 - ihatethem0630

Why are they all attacking me??

So I’ve worked for target roughly 9 months now, and at first I loved it in sales floor, got red cards like no other which is awesome for a sales floor when the cashiers couldn’t even get them. I got no attention for it. All the other team member got recognized for the stupidest shit like she cleaned a spill up claps wtf lets talk about the five red cards I got in the three hours I was here how about that? Or my names in the survey twice this week??! Yeah no. I was a top performer they said it so many times yet no recognition… As of lately I’ve been in the I don’t care mood after a secret security got promoted to a team lead and has decided to make my life hell for no reason. Now idk why this man doesn’t like me or what’s going on but first it’s I’m not performing I’m calling in to much I got in a car accident asshole! Now as the performing goes I check my phone time to time yes and each time he catches me says oh I won’t say anything don’t worry hen tells the lod and I get corrective action yeah won’t say shit my ass now I’m white and I think with this man it’s race ifk but as far as I see is he’s nice as hell and up some Mexicans girls ass all day who just got hired on whom also has a face tattoo so they match. Idiots. I text back people time to time oh well but for some reason they’re there I can’t even talk to other team members without getting bitched at like sorry I told them that f block is a mess when they asked me about it. I feel there is favoritism and bullying. I hate going to work everyday like it makes me depressed thinking about having to go because all the lods are on my back do c and d block without looking at your phone oh a guest couldn’t find and item you said was here but we found it don’t worry not responding to the front lanes after I’d been up there five times and soft lines hasn’t been up for a second. Everyday I’ve gone to work this month I think about quitting or putting in my two weeks but how will I support my son and myself? California can’t get unemployment when you quit and welfare won’t even cover my rent what can I do in my situation? Thank you everyone.


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  • miserablecashier says:

    is there another target near you? i would transfer to a different target. that's what I'm thinking of doing. though, I've heard that the one I wish to transfer to sucks as well. we're stuck, man!
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes to work feeling bullied. not that i wish it on anyone else, but it shows me that I'm not just being dramatic, that target management really does do this.

  • badbuck says:

    You should start looking for another job soon. If they are acting like this to you now then you probably won't make it before they try and fire you with some bs excuse. Good luck to you and your son. Hold on to faith something will come your way soon.


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