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January 17, 2017 - asilva724

Where are your guys’ huevos?!

I should’ve known from the getgo that this place was a shithole. I was able to rock my interview after a night of battling a stomach bug and having 0 nutrients in my body, I felt like complete shit. But nonetheless, I was hired. I was interviewed by an LOD and we clicked & I asked him straight up if I was being hired for seasonal and he said no. He said I probably Wasn’t going to be let go when all the seasonal hires leave and I can go whenever I please. Come orientation, (which took them 4-5 weeks to get back to me) welcome “seasonal workers!” …he lied straight to my face(flag). Hr consisted of stuck up / 2¬†faced / pretensious bimbos(slight flag but I never worked with them). Training was super vauge and rushed (super flag). My gstls were cool thought. They were college students like myself and we got along very well. Now I understand red cards are a big thing and are heavily enforced upon cashiers. I really don’t care for them. I just don’t. Towards the end is when I really found my voice and strategy.

But this one time I was downstairs on a sat. or sun afternoon… it’s crazy busy as usual. Lines of 4/5 customers all shopping for Christmas and their week. I’m doing everything in my power to move these people. I thrive under pressure. I can work fast and still maintain great customer service skills. I’m not really selling the red card. They are really the last thing on my mind so I’m kind of quiet. While almost every register is in use, one of the cashiers happens to be a girl that usually runs food ave. I doubt she was a lead (idk what she was) but she was helping us because of how busy it was. So there I am rining someone’s big purchase up kinda quiet. The food Ave girl hops off her register and stands right behind me while I’m ringing and bagging. She was just standing behind me, hovering for a good minute. It kinda weirded me out. Now I’m real… in my mind I notice her & im like wtf?!? So I’m done with the guest and she taps me on the shoulder. I really have no idea what for. She tells me I’m not putting enough effort into selling red cards and I’m not cutting it as a cashier. I was like what the fuck? Bitch mind your business! She said she knows that she isn’t a lead but she wanted to see more out of me. For the sake of being nice and getting back to the customers, I smile and said anything to get her tf out of my face. If she wasn’t my boss I’m not listening to shit lol.

I was eventually terminated for giving hefty discounts out which is another case of their pussiness. I would’ve came clean if they just asked me adult to adult. There was no need for an investigation. Pictures of me on camera. Pictures of my family. That shit was unnecessary. I know what I did was wrong and I deserved what I got. At the time the head of AP talked to me i didn’t know if I was being suspended or termintated. I asked her straight up if I was being fired and she put on the stupidest front and said she had no idea. She said to give her my name tag and discount card and AR will call me when I can return. It would’ve been much better if she would’ve told me like an adult if I was fired. I’m a man & I take my losses like a man. A week later I go in to pick up my check. Some gstl that was totally univolved in the situation, asked me if I was getting my last check(twice out loud in the office)…. Funny, how would she have known? They were all probably gossiping. She dipped her head in he AP office and told me they mailed my check. But they didn’t even have the BALLS to tell me I was fired and was getting a last check. That did it for me.

Most target employees / higher ups be on their pussy shit. I kind of lost respect for target. For a second I took pride in putting that place on my back. I held them down when shit got hectic. (& a Major cockblock move for firing me…These 2 gstls and I were getting quite fimiliar with each other)


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