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November 7, 2019 - thugstyle

What to Do if Target Takes Direct Deposit Back Right Away

This is a story someone told me, and I will paraphrase from his point of view:

I worked at Target for less than three months to stock, and they let me go for being too slow. It honestly amazed me how back stabby the employees there were, even making things up. I would get yelled at for not doing things — even though those things were not assigned to me.

Anyways, make sure to get your Direct Deposit with a big bank that rhymes with Mase. It is very user friendly I have noticed. Although this would work with pretty much any bank.

So, I look at my banking app. I see the direct deposit, but I see that Target took out the same amount right away. Two transactions in the same amount, one adding, one subtracting, back to back. It would have been horrible if I had automatic payments set up. The fees when those transactions would get rejected would have been crazy.

Anyways, I thought that was weird. I called up the store to speak to the HR there. She said, “just come on in tonight at your shift, and I’ll have your paycheck for you.” I said ok. I come in and got fired. They gave me my pay in cash on the spot, plus the extra week I worked for the next pay period.

So, I called up my bank. I said that the second transaction Target did of pulling out my money is fraudulent.

The bank agreed and reversed the second transaction Target did.

So, make sure you have direct deposit set up. And if you see that they take out your money, call your bank and tell them it is fraud.


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