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April 21, 2014 - samielle

What I did for three years I did in 2 weeks

You want bullshit, check this out:

if you remember, I was fired because I was wrongfully accused for calling a customer a bitch. What I didn’t tell you about this 8 month hell was that I tried to get the job for three years living a block away from the damn store!!

So I’m fired and out of a job. The next day, I was asking around for a job application but really just want to focus on school if I can’t get anything. I go to foot locker to just to ask about the job and new shoes. You wanna know who long it took to get the job??? TWO WEEKS!!!! Target: 3 years. The best part about foot locker: fast, fun, and friendly actually means something and I get to be myself and get complimented instead of trying to emulate someone only to be complained. The best news is that an old coworker is finally going to put in his resignation papers. This target done fucked up big time because four really good people have left and the fifth one is about to be out the door.




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