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May 2, 2018 - EllieKatieCat

What does ‘Big Sale’ even mean?

Note: Any names in this have been changed for the purpose of this post.

I was working in Pfresh today when the STL, who was doing a walkthrough, came by. She made a comment about avocados being on sale next week. I wasn’t surprised; most stores put things like avocados on sale during the first week of May. I was in the middle of a count (for QMOS), so I didn’t respond.

Not long after, the STL came by again and mentioned this ‘big’ sale on avocados. So, I asked what the sale was.

“It’s big!”

Maybe I’m the only one who hears “Something is on sale” and immediately wants to know a price.

Well, when I tried to clarify that I wanted a dollar amount, the STL got snippy with me. “Elizabeth! I don’t know the price.”

I do not go by my legal name on anything except for paperwork. I have actually done some research into legally changing my name to “Ellie” because people do not understand the concept of nicknames, nor do they respect me by calling me what I wish to call. (Though, I have a theory people might call me what I want to be called if I decided I felt like I was an “Elliot”).

But I digress.

So, I left the conversation utterly confused as to what I did to offend the STL. She was talking about a sale. I asked for more details about the sale. Silly me. I thought we were supposed to be pushy salespeople. I would normally bring up something like a big sale on avocados to anyone I see looking at them, but I won’t do it if I can’t give details.

(I’m still willing to bet that they’ll be twice the price at Target as they will at another grocery store in a neighboring town).


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  • bigrog44 says:

    I think Target is pretty expensive. I shop at a store called Giant Eagle and their prices are lower than Targets. That's a good question how are you supposed to tell the customer about something you don't even know? The STL doesn't even know, that's why he/she won't tell you.


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