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December 2, 2015 - Dante

What an Experience

I was interviewed and hired in short order for Seasonal Back Room 3 weeks ago. After Working for two weeks I mad the decision to quit upon waking up this morning.

Target is a very disturbing place to work. You will see many different types of people, and my coworkers included men who dressed as women and several homosexuals. Many employees did not maintain their hygiene, and unfortunately some were severely overweight, despite working a job which kept them on their feet all day.

The people who were hired along with me were also of questionable intelligence:

One asked whether he would receive “Stock Options” as a seasonal worker

Another’s answer to everything asked of him was “I honestly do not know” ???

The back room is a grinding place to work. You will walk around with a large and heavy scanner, scanning UPC barcodes and loading them onto carts. A lot of the stuff will be large, cumbersome, and require you to get on a ladder and either carry it down gingerly or toss it down. There will always be something in the way which will prevent you from completing your tasks most efficiently, and you will have to move around various obstacles in your desperate quest to “Fill the CAFs’ on time.  A ‘CAF’ is a computer-generated inventory replenishment order and it is YOUR task to ensure that they (there are usually 15) are completed in a timely manner for your superiors.

This job is life-sucking: I was just starting to get into a rhythm of working out and eating better, following being fired from another job, but then the pace of work in the back room made me just want to sleep on my days off. I had to quit, just  to try to go back to feeling a bit better. As a newcomer you will be the one going into the freezer, and while you are provided gear for the cold, it is still not pleasant.  The whole day you will be on your feet, only sitting during breaks/lunch. It is very tiring work.


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