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July 21, 2015 - Robotdad

What a joke of a job…

I’m a recent hire with Target and I’m already trying to decide when I want to put in my two weeks notice (or give any notice at all). I should have seen the writing on the wall when I came on board and noticed how MASSIVE the turnover is at my store. Most of the people I currently work with are finishing out their final weeks before leaving for greener pastures and there is a huge vacuum of manpower but many employees still struggle to get enough hours. The asswipes that run my store are losing people faster than they can bring them in and I’m more than happy to give them a few hints as to why:

1. Management is piss poor. There are a few awesome people in leadership roles but this is overshadowed by the number of idiots who are on a constant power trip and get their jollies by singling people out for extra work while their ‘faves’ are allowed to just roam the store and shoot the shit or take 50 breaks over the course of a five hour shift. You get to do two or three times the work to cover for personal friends or relatives of management who get to go MIA for their entire shift. This is the only company I have ever worked for where this is allowed.

2. Zero consistancy in training. I am constantly told I am doing something wrong when I’m doing things the exact way I was trained. If I’m new and something I’m doing isn’t correct then perhaps talk to your trainers instead of breathing down my neck and trying to make me feel bad? Protip: I don’t feel bad and the end result is me walking away wondering how many punches to your face are needed to break your jaw.

3. Favortism is stupidly obvious and counterproductive. I cover about 8 to 10 miles of walking per shift according to my pedometer. It is a huge store and while I don’t mind putting in the milage for the extra exercise it is dumb to constantly have me running from one side of the store to the other to answer a phone or from front to back to cashier because you would rather single me out over and over again than ask your friend or relative to do their job. I can’t get my work done if I’m having to do the jobs of multiple people who can’t be bothered to do theirs. I am very physically fit and I am exhausted at the end of every shift because I’m practically doing half marathons to cover for the failings of others. Makes sense now as to why all the sales floor employees with a good work ethic at my store look like world class triathletes.

4. Red Cards are negative incentive. People who shop at Target often enough to make that measly 5% worthwhile already have a red card. Those that don’t are people like me who aren’t going hand over their personal information to save a few cents at a store they shop maybe once a month. Let us also not forget that your security breach a few years back soured the chances of a lot of people ever giving Target another chance with their personal accounts, myself included. You only give bonuses and commisions to the upper manamgement so they have an incentive to constantly harp on employees but offer nothing but freedom from harrassment as an incentive for the people on the floor that actually do the work. I’ve worked for other retailers in the past that also push memberships/cards/whatever but there were always worthwhile gains for the employee (monthly gift cards, bonuses, etc for top performers). This alone is very telling as to how sales floor employees are viewed by this company.

I came to work for Target because I wanted to, not because I have to. I’ve worked in retail as a secondary job since I was in college and most places I’ve worked for get several years from me before I decide I don’t want to work there any longer. Target has gotten a few months out of me and I am simply done with their nonesense already.  I truly feel sorry for people stuck with this organization. I’d probably just stop showing up for work but I’m going to get a lot more satisfaction telling off the manager in front of employees and customers before telling them to kick rocks.


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  • FucktheRedCard says:

    I feel the same way man!! I had like a 1000 word rant on here. Ive been trying to leave but cant find another job that pays the same($9.50) or better while i try to get my degree. Especially trying to become a composer for movies...not many jobs.

  • viciousdave says:

    Team leaders always have favorites. I've been a cashier for 7 years now, I did cart attendant for a while but I can't do it anymore because of anemia slowness of blood flow fatigue. But the other thing is that a brand new guy only 2 months in on cashier gets to have a walkie and gets to put stuff away for half of the day while I just have to stay on the lanes all day long. This other girl who was only there 4 years but was there before I started there gets a position of GSA which is assistant team lead for other leaders. Again I've been there 7 years and I'm nothing new at all. Favorite fuckers. Jobs should not allow favorites at all, it should be all about work performance. I don't ask for red cards from people, I'm sick of it, people yelling no no NO, no way! Well duh it sucks with a starting interest of 24% of course it sucks no one wants it. Every other job in the US doesn't have this favoritism stuff, they have what you call hey you've done more today thanks for doing more and helping out more, there is no automatic hey you get to be in another area congrats like Tarshit!

    • Silverfox says:

      Target wants the rfd effect where people sign up for the card like bees to honey. Unfortunately their card sucks period. Maybe in Canadian RFD standards the card is awesome but in american land. 2% cards are the norm, quite easy to get a rotating category of 5%. Maybe they should have td add extended warranty to the card to make it easier to sign people up with. Or switch to rbc to issue their red cards for extended warranty.

  • FivePercentDrained says:

    You know what's funny! when there's no management around, the store run completely fine. but when their are around..., the morals become very low, very quick hahaha. The training are a joke. Most of the time they read a book and shovel them to the register. A lot of time they ask me question and I've always there to help. I feel so terrible sometime. As a result of helping them is the result of lack of PROPER training. "Favorite" OMG! don't get me started! Future individuals that want to become management at target. Start to learn to KISS THE MANAGEMENT ASSHOLE! TA DA!! Cashier is the worst for redcard customer harassment. nothing more! No protection from these cards. Just stay far away from them. SCREW TARSHIT!

    • TargetMinion says:

      So true! Days where the ETLs were all out to have an "ETL Day/Outing" and the senior TLs ran the store were the best days! Nobody breathing down your neck or delegating orders over the walkies. It was a more relaxed environment, high employee morale and ran like a well-oiled machine. Just another example of how performance is a reflection of management.


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