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June 9, 2014 - edge

Went from ok to worse

So I’ve been working here as a cashier for almost a year in southern California. The pay is alright considering I’m just part time, however working conditions just began to get bad recently.

Before, our break schedule followed the 2-4-6 rule, which was easy to work with and the TLS generally followed it. Now it’s a computerized schedule rather than the TLS manually writing in the break schedules for the day. For an 8 hour shift, you get your first break just one hour after you start, lunch usually on just your third hour, and the last break on your fifth hour. On top of them not running the ac in the front, it gets hot and tiring really fast. A few including myself have gotten woozy due to working almost 4 full hours without a break. One actually passed out. Everyone hates it.

The best team survey is useless. What a joke and waste of time. You can’t even input any opinions or comments to bring up issues anonymously. It’s just used to give management a pat on the back.

I generally get along well with all my TLS except for one. I feel she is targeting me personally though I do not know why. She is the only one coming up to me every single work day I’m stuck with her and threatens coaching if I don’t get my red card conversion score back up. I know they usually don’t follow through with coaching at my store, but it gets to be uncomfortable when approached every day with hostility about the same god damn things over and over. Everyday it’s always the same. Either I’m not pushing red cards enough, not vibing enough, not pushing the surveys and cartwheel enough. Nothing is ever good enough for her though my efforts are good enough for the others.

And I do ask EVERY asshole for the red card. I always try to throw in cartwheel reminders and surveys when they’re not too busy yapping on their phones or yelling at their kids or just flat out ignoring you.

Oh and on top of annual employee reviews, the LODs are walking around with a clipboard and watching one employee at a time while they mark down if they’re doing a good enough job recently. I don’t know why we have to be threatened with this, but apparently it’s to ensure employees are doing what target wants. And the one tl I’m having problems with constantly reminds you they may be watching. After watching you when you don’t know it, they give you your review right there at the register rather than taking you into the office.

Also, “guests” are assholes. Sure there’s some good ones, but the majority are assholes.

I can’t wait to find a job more suited to the career I actually want to get into…maybe just a few more months….



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