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May 25, 2017 - iwanttobreakfree

Well Well Well

I finally put my two weeks in. I walked in the door and immediately told everybody. The guests, included. The greatest day of my life. Does Target even DESERVE my two weeks? Probably not, but what the hell. After almost a year of shitty management, I am finished. I started back in July. The first month wasn’t bad at all, and it was my first job- $10 starting pay didn’t sound to shabby. I was hired primarily as a cashier. It wasn’t the most fun thing in the world, but the hours were nice and the guest were pretty friendly, too. Then everything started going to hell, and I realized just how shitty that store really is. One of our LODs getting fired for stealing Hatchables (whatever that toy is called) and selling them online, to our AP guy getting caught having sex with a softlines employee in the backroom bathroom. This store is a mess. My GSA’s also hate me, not to mention. I was constantly getting in trouble. Whether it was standing there as soon as a guest walked away (it’s frowned upon, we must be constantly moving and zoning our checklane if there are no guests.) God forbid I take a 30 second rest. Or for not getting enough redcards. Either way- it was always something. I think maybe if my GSA’s weren’t so awful, this job wouldn’t have been AS bad. But we hired a new GSA a few months ago, and that’s what really made me realize I had to get out of there. This is someone who seriously does not know how to do their job, and gets legitimately offended when someone accidentally refers to her as a cashier. She’s always quick to correct them, stating “I’m a GSA, not a cashier. I’m the manager of the front end, and I get paid more.” Ok bitch. I just couldn’t handle her snobby, “I’m way better than you” attitude. Not to mention her daily fucking anxiety attacks and her constant leaving the front to go call her husband and yell at him because he won’t sign the divorce papers- WHILE ON THE CLOCK. Like.. perhaps you shouldn’t have accepted the GSA position if ¬†you have all of these issues going on in your life right now, my friend. Every single “team member” at this Target is miserable. With the exception of the higher ups, of course. But it’s just really unfortunate considering 90% of these people are actually decent humans, with shitty jobs, dealing with shitty management. I’m so glad I’m getting out of there. HR suggested I follow through for the whole two weeks to be able to be considered to re-hire if necessary, but I think I would rather prostitute myself out as a source of income then ever have to return to Target.


Target cons: SHIT management, not even that great of pay considering what you have to deal with, getting fucked over constantly, Redcards


Target pros: 10% discount


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