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November 25, 2012 - screwthisshit85

Well hey there shit minimum wage job!

So I’ve only been working at Target for a week but I can already tell that this job is going to be a complete shit show in which I either end up fired or going insane and burning the entire place to the ground. I started working there because I graduated from college last May. I’m planning on going back to school for a graduate degree in the fall but until then I need something to pay the student loans sooo… hello there crap minimum wage job I thought I was done with this bullshit when I quit Pizza Hut after graduating from high school.  But as a side note I honestly have to say that working for my alcoholic boss and with my constantly high coworkers at Pizza Hut for $7.25 an hour was way better than the soul sucking back stabbing jack ass team leaders at Target.

So I do my orientation where of course everything is sunshine and daisies we love you, you’re special because we chose you from hundreds of applicants, you’ll just love Target idiocy. Although I have to say that the poorly veiled anti-union video tipped me off to the fact that their fairytale land of rainbow sprinkles was probably complete donkey shit. But whatever, I needed the money and it isn’t like this is supposed to be the rest of my life. Anyway I show up to work the first day I’m scheduled for training. I get there and the shift manager is looking at me like what the hell are you doing here? Um… well you scheduled me for training on cashier. Remember? So she sends me off to stand at some register where I’m left for like half an hour having to explain to all the customers who show up that no I’m not open and actually I have no fucking clue how to even ring them out sorry so much for the inconvenience. Finally the training manager comes striding up except she’s not actually looking at me as she says hello she’s staring at the guy in the register next to mine. So of course I don’t respond thinking she’s not talking to me because you know, regular people actually look at the person they’re introducing themselves to. Except then she says it again louder now sounding completely offended and like I’m some kind of idiot. So I now I of course feel like a complete moron and like I’ve already gotten off on the wrong foot and naturally get a little flustered and awkward. This BITCH then has the nerve to look at me dead in the face and ask me if I’m feeling all right today.  Um well I was fine until I got here so I guess it must be this place you ASSHOLE.

Whatever, she throws the book at me tells me to train on it. I do and am then left standing for like 45 minutes until she deigns to grace me again with her presence. Of course I don’t actually really know what I’m doing because that would take time and training with an actual human being but I guess that’s not how it works at Target. Luckily I’m relatively intelligent and cashiering is so easy a r******d monkey could probably be trained how to do it.  I’m then put on my own register and left to the wolves. I then check out maybe four customers understandably a little slowly only to have my oh so wonderful team leader come back fake smile at me and cheerily explain to me that I’m doing a great job so far but unfortunately my speed scores aren’t quite up to par and I need to be above 88%. WELL I KNOW THAT BECAUSE I JUST READ IT MAYBE FIVE BILLION TIMES IN THE TRAINING MANUAL BUT SEEING AS I HAVEN’T ACTUALLY BEEN TRAINED AND I’VE ONLY DONE THIS LIKE FIVE TIMES NOW I’M STILL GETTING THE HANG OF THINGS.

Whatever, things haven’t gotten better they’ve gotten worse and it’s only been a week. All the female team leaders seem to be complete bitches. The one will barely look at or talk to me and the guy who is there, who looks like he is probably fresh out of college, appears to have absolutely no balls and be completely miserable in his job. I’m treated like an untrustworthy moron despite the fact that I can speak three languages and have a degree from one of the top schools in the country. I don’t expect to be an instant celebrity on the job but the other team members (at least the ones who aren’t new) treat me like I have some sort of plague that they’re deathly afraid of contracting and won’t even greet me when I smile and say hello.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. THESE GODDAMN SHIT SUCKING PIECE OF CRAP RED CARDS!! I’m sorry but they’re a fucking joke, the customers know they’re a fucking joke, and nobody wants to sign up for one and I refuse to sell my soul trying to trick people into getting them. I didn’t apply for a sales position because guess what I SUCK AT SELLING THINGS TO PEOPLE! Especially when I know they’re a rip off so that Target can try and get people to spend more money on crap things they don’t actually need. So I foresee myself getting fired over an inability to sell red cards at the end of my 90 day trial period. But you know what I don’t give a damn. I have other contacts to get jobs with. I’m going to go on and actually get a degree which will enable me to get a real job that actually has a worthwhile purpose in society while these idiots continue sit in there cubicles and push random buttons on their PDA’s so that they can satisfy their god complexes because they know they’re never going to be more than a slave to the corporate bitch that is Target.

So fuck you Target. That is all.


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  • ERROR_AM_I says:

    Burn it down! do it you know you want to, just let the good looking chicks out because I ,i mean we need them yep heh heh heh.

  • rbudding says:

    Piece of shit fucking red cards! They have some god damn quota they have to meet every day. They give us the same god damn spiel every day. Who the fuck cares? I'm gonna quit asking for them altogether. They already told me i'm fired at the end of 90 days. What are they gonna do? Fire me earlier? HA


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