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September 24, 2013 - TargetSucks

Welcome To Kindergarten

Wow, it’s been over a year since my last (and only) post on this site.

I’ve been working for Target for two years now.

I’m actually happy to report that some things have gotten better. And, well, some things have gotten worse. But that’s Target for ya, huh?

My STL’s attitude and treatment of her employees has gotten worse with each passing month. She speaks to us as though we’re in kindergarten, with that sugary sweet, fake as shit voice. “Okay, now who can tell me what our redcard goal/topic of the month/(insert other bullshit here) is?” “Come on now, you guys know the answer!” Kindly fuck the hell off. Now. She micro-manages the shit out of everyone. Oh, you have to set a planogram on an endcap? Let me just interrupt you every five to ten minutes and ask you what you’re doing, tell you how to do it (not even kidding), and tell you to call me when you’re done. You’re helping a guest with something? I’ll walk right up to the guest and ask him/her if I can help them find something, even though I can clearly see you’re searching for their item on one of the lame-ass PDAs that never work. You need to take your lunch break soon? Come hop on the cash lanes for a half hour even though I’m standing right here talking about non-work related stuff with the TL of Softlines.

Everyone in my store still hates her. It’s at the point where everyone on the floor (aside from the ETLs) will literally stop what they’re doing when they hear her voice on the walkie. Groans of “fuck” “it’s here” “oh god no” and various other things can be heard from any one of us.


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  • bananasuit says:

    OMG this sounds so much like my store T1846 too fucking funny I couldn't of said it better!
    This is one of my favorite posts I've read on here so far lol.

  • Overheated says:

    This one sounds familiar with the sweet talking hilarious story. And those PDAs! Dear God man! Triggers going dumb. Error screens remaining on them for days. Faded number system and nobody signs them out anymore so we lose more every day. Also Target needs to update that ancient software.

    • viciousdave says:

      My Target recently updated the break room and all computers to Windows 7 finally, but of course still only eHR access. But the PDA system remains the same, sluggish and slow. For some reason, tech team is afraid to change it. It doesn't matter anyhow as Windows 7 requires more ram to run than Windows XP mobile which they use on the PDAs now. So updating the PDAs, never gonna happen due to ram.

  • taz says:

    Sounds just like my store they these ETL don't know a damn thing.


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