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March 6, 2015 - HP2114

Welcome to Hell

I’ve written on here a few times before, but this one takes the cake. So they scheduled me for a 4 hour shift? for some unknown reason. All this week i’ve been feeling sick, went to work yesterday and felt horrible the entire day. The store was hot as fuck and with me being sick, I was sweating and looked really bad the entire shift. So today, I decided to wait awhile before I called in for my pointless 4 hour shift. Also, it’s snowing here, and we are supposed to get up to a foot of snow, plus sleet and it’s just basically going to be an icy mess all on the roads and Target doesn’t pay me enough for me to drive for 4 hours of hell while i’m already sick. So I call in and talk to the fucking annoying LOD who I already have a previous story about. He fucking gets mad at me BECAUSE I’M SICK! what the actual fuck!? Like do you just want me to control my sickness and feel better so I can come into work for the whole 2 customers who will be there? ¬†The worst thing is that we have had arguments before, he doesn’t like me for some reason. It’s not going to be “impossible” to fill my shift because NO ONE IS GOING TO BE OUT SHOPPING! Seriously, who the fuck hires these dumbass “managers”? They don’t manage, they micro manage every thing, and every time I zone it’s literally never good enough. There’s always something wrong with it, I’m never told that I do a good job for anything. It’s not like I need praise all the time, but stop telling me how ¬†shitty of a job I do, that doesn’t make me want to work harder, it just makes me want to punch you in the damn face.

This place treats you like a slave, with shitty pay and no opportunities unless you kiss ass to the “managers”. I am trying to hard to find another job, but it’s difficult right now. Please pray I get a new job somewhere better soon. I don’t know how much more I can take!


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  • rainprincess64 says:

    Tarshit treats their employees so awful in most stores it seems. Get out before the boat sinks, seriously!

  • RedCardFairy says:

    This is the result of putting inexperienced 20-somethings " in charge" such a poorly run company. each store is run like its own little kingdom with its own rules that "come from corporate" i can't believe they still have a decent reputation.


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