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June 2, 2015 - confused


So I have worked at Target for about 2 years. And boy how things have changed in such a small amount of time. When I first started and all the way up to the holiday season last year, things were awesome. I am a cashier who mainly has to close because I have school. Which was fine. I would work maybe 3 or 4 days a week during the school year with like 2 closing weekday shifts and then an 8 hour shift on sat and sun. Sometimes it was less than 8 on the weekends. But I averaged about 20 hours a week during the school year. And during the summer I would work about 5 days a week with almost 40 hours. We would always have AT LEAST 3 closing cashiers. I remember a day where our GSA sent all the cashiers home at 10:30 because everything was done and we were slow (our store is open till 11pm 7 days a week). My management was AMAZING, and even though all of my former management has left, the new management is awesome as well. However, around the end of holiday season last year things went to shit. Hours got cut, which I expected at the beginning of the year. BUT THEY HAVEN’T GOTTEN BETTER. I am working 5 days a week, but only getting 25 hours. No longer do we get scheduled over 6 hours. NEVER. Instead I get scheduled 5 hours and 45 minutes and get told to run to the time clock so I don’t go into complience. And now we only have 2 closing cashiers, and the other cashiers are normally gone like 2 hours before we close. So as a guest service member I am expected to check everyone out, do defectives, sort reshop, and clean the checklanes so the other cashier can go make stupid one spot and fan central look decent. Which they can never do because I have to constantly call them back to help check out people. Before we would stay till like 11:15. Now we usually stay till 11:45 when everyone has to clock out or they will go into complience. And nothing is ever finished. Now we always have reshop left over, defectives are never done, and the store looks like shit. And we are grossly understaffed everywhere. For example, last Friday we had at the most 4 cashiers at one time, including guest services. For the whole closing shift we always had one salesfloor person up for code because we were so understaffed. It’s so dumb. I would leave if it wasn’t for the $9.36 I now make and the extreme flexibility I have with my schedule. I used to be happy coming into work. Now I dread it and always expect to be understaffed. Come on, Target. Go back to normal.




  • Silverfox says:

    they're making you take the brunt of it for their miserable arrogance ridden failure of expansion into the Canadian North that has given walmart new hope in good old america against target. Tarshit is raising wages yes but as a result they're making you do the work of 2 or more people

    • takemethere says:

      I could not agree with you more. Sounds like a typical Texas Target. Daily hours are cut to less than 6 hours to avoid giving lunch breaks but the reality is that when team members(cashiers) do not show up for work, you may be asked to stay later then you are rushed to take a lunch break. And the poor sales floor team members. Most often, they cannot get their strays or abandons worked out because they are always called to the lanes for back ups. It is quite frustrating. As a service team member, you are most often scheduled alone and you are expected to do returns and exchanges, assist guest with store pick up or online orders, process chargeback, work out one spot strays, sort starys as they are brought up by sales floor team members, process paid and left, assist with guests applying for a job at the hiring kiosk and there are so many times when the you press the back up key there is no one cross trained to help you or when some etls or stls come up to help at the service desk they do not know what they are doing. Even Walmart has more team members working at their return area even though even though they are slow as heck. But the pressure is more at target because you are by yourself. When the front end team lead goes on a lunch/break and there is a back up at the return desk things get crazy. A bunch of us keep in close contact with each other at the, through social media or in person. If things continue or if there is no change in the way that target conducts its business in the texas market or , like i heard someone say in management it is going to be a ghosttown at these stores come fourth quarter. No payroll and unrealistic expectations. It happened before when a mass exodus of etls, team leaders, district manager, group director, some stls and team members left target. This year is when that will happen again. It has already begun.

      • Silverfox says:

        given how things ran the past two years they were up here, tarshit is likely to declare bankruptcy in Texas, owe money to creditors a,k,a suppliers, etc.. Attempt to run away while owing the texas government millions in taxes.Create a fake company like a placeholder company that target owns, and texas targets owe money to, So when the bankruptcy liquidation happens, the creditors and suppliers do not get paid.

        • takemethere says:

          @silver surfer. I wonder if that will happen down here. The biggest and major concern is staffing these stores. People quit as soon as they are hired. Team members call in a lot. It is incredible because in most stores here Human Resources serves absolutely no purpose. There is no open door policy. When stls and etls are wrong in the way that they treat team members, HR will not address the issues properly and honestly. We have some sorry ass etl's who serve no purpose here. They would fit walmart perfectly. We all know that the integrity hot line is total bullshit because when team members confidently call they are being retaliated against by senior management.

  • fedupcashier says:

    I know the feeling :/
    I was hired about a year and a half ago and things were awesome. Plenty of hours, nice understanding management, and friendly too. After the beginning of this year though, it all went to shit. My old GSTLS all left. New front end ETL. New STL, new everything pretty much, and it's been complete bullshit since then.
    Unfortunately I doubt it'll ever go back to normal mate :/
    This is a corporate aristocracy we're dealing with here. And we're the serfs.

    • takemethere says:

      @fedupcashier, New Etl front end? The Red card pressure drives them all away. It is ridiculous! It will be a media circus soon. Target unlike any other company harasses their team members and customers for red cards and team member jobs are threatened when they do not get guests to sign up.

  • fucktarget says:

    In this post the words MANAGEMENT and AMAZING were used in the same sentence!!! Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!!! Your target must have been in FantasyLand.


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