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January 6, 2016 - Nergal

We have finally hit a new low.

So, yesterday was probably one of the most interesting days so far. It was yesterday that I heard over the walkie “can someone help a customer on C7?” To which the LOD replied “reminder guys, they are guests nor customers” and boy did I have to just nod my head for a solid minute just to express my distaste for this stupid “guest” bullshit.

It was also yesterday that I found out the GSTL who actually did his work and wasn’t strutting around the store acting busy, was fired. I then asked a fellow co-worker and he explained that upper management fired him for having to many complaints, but I won’t be certain until I hear it from him. It however, doesnt surprise me. He didn’t take shit from any fucking customer who was rude for no reason or was full of shit.


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  • viciousdave says:

    I've been compaining about stuff since I started 7 1/2 years ago. Yet they havn't fired me. I yell, I scream, I get angry a lot, I push things. Yet they still keep me. The thing at target is that they don't want a guy who tries to complain and make things better for all of us, they hate that, so they must of fired him for wanting to change things from the compaints he made. They hate to hear that, they want you to follow there way all the time, give guests $5 off if they complain a lot, give the guest whatever price they say any item is, take any coupon except out of date ones. It's like yeah ok, so target is losing over $20 to $40 on every single purchase. Hmm lets see, if the store managment bought a box of 50 steaks and every one sold at $8.99 but every single person said but the shelf said $4.99 that would be $4 dollars loss in every steak and 4 X 50 = 200. That's $200 dollars in loss, yet they always say we change prices because it's important that we do things for guests so they always come back to the store so we don't lose them. Oh well than they will do a scam once again of a lie of a price and target will lose even more and more and more money every single time. Target is losing millions of dollars everyday because of this.

  • MrSharkNasty says:

    I'm sorry viciousdave, but you're not the sharpest tool in the box. He was referring to guest complaints, not him complaining about the store. The retail world doesn't want people with a spine or any self respect. They want low IQ people who don't know any better. They want people to just sit there and take it; from uneducated management and guest! They want workers they can easily manipulate and take advantage of. If your not that, they will find a way to toss you out like trash or bully you until you quit.

    I've worked at a Home Improvement store for 6-years prior and was considered one of their better workers before I I was terminated because of totally fabricated guest complaints. It was a solid job it paid better than most retailers, but I hated every second of it. Because of the down right disrespectful guest and the brainwashed management. The hiring concept was to hire young and dumb and mold them into what this store wanted. It didn't matter if you had a clue about building materials. They were just looking for someone they could control as they shipped them around from store to store until one day they fire them because their paying them to much. The guest at a Home Improvement store are easily way worst than Target. Target was a breeze when it came to guest compared to this place.

    I worked at Target for 6-months before I just stopped showing up. ZERO COMMUNICATION! INSANE EXPECTATIONS! ZERO TRAINING! UNEDUCATED LAZY MANAGEMENT. Management did not work at all! They just sat around and gossiped all day. My previous bad retail experience had me convinced it couldn't be worst, but I was wrong TARGET IS WORST. I could go on and on, but it would be a book.

    • viciousdave says:

      My point mostly was about guests and how we can make the store better and easier for cashiers so there's no more but that price isn't right, but that coupon didn't work, why didn't I get that $10 dollar card? Many people read what I say in the wrong way. IDK why you do. But it's how to make target better so guests don't be twats!


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