Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

May 2, 2014 - takemethere


Are you like me? You go to work and give so much of your self every shift? You avoid the negativity. The gossip. ┬áThe chaos but still try to shine with integrity from within? You know that it is hard. I am not at Target to make friends so to speak just to do my job and go home. You cannot really trust any one so you try your best to be careful at all times. We know that we cannot trust anyone in senior management. They are there for the pay check not that they truly earn any of it sitting on their asses at our expense. Hr etl has a wicked tongue and is like a puppet on a string…a string being pulled bythe stl. Shame. A damn shame. Senior mangement is what is phucking up half of these stores in district 311. So much fakeness. I do not and will never kiss ass. Sometimes i am at the edge of Heaven only to be taken back to abyss that is Target hell. Like Smaug from the Hobbit, i just want to watch them all burn! I just have to save myself.




  • disgusted says:

    I used to think maybe only one or 2 stores or districts had problems, or had no STL for many months like we had , but I know its 99% of stores in 99% of districts that are just screwy.

    You are very right about you can't trust ANYONE actually, ETL or TM, the one you least suspect is the one running to report any little thing back to HR.

    We had an incident on out store in regards to a person who is a little different from others, (nothing bad), and I was asked by HR ETL to spy and report back on anything I heard, I said NO. TThey thought some group who made up a policy in Mpls, knows better that real human beings, not in a million years.

    Oh btw, tarshit blows!!!!! It sucks too!!

  • takemethere says:

    Open door policy? Epic failure? Hr? She needs to say what she means and means what she says. Trust issues? Always! Employee turnover? The worst I have seen it! Can they not see a morale and building trust issue in the stores? Now it is time to brainwash the team members again for Best Team Survey a survey that does not guarantee any results.

  • NotBeyonceCarter says:

    I cross-trained for hard lines, but they refuse to give my any shifts. When I spoke to my HR ETL she said "Oh we really need cashiers right now." Hmmm okay but you just hired a bunch of people for sales floor?!?! Thanks I've been here for over a year with high red card scores but they just walked on through. T0955 Galleria go FUCK yourself!!!! Well my 15 minute break is over.....bye guys #BillsToPayEqualTargetWhore


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