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August 11, 2014 - DaddyDontGiveAFuck

Was 3 seconds from bitch slapping my LOD

Been a cashier for about 9 months ago, got tired of it about 8 months ago and it hasn’t gotten any easier dealing with these fucktard LOD’s. As soon as I started, the decided to send me to assist the cart attendants in retrieving the carts from outside. Recently, they cross-trained me to be a cart attendant on my own and I can’t stand it. I’m out here pushing carts and this one bitch ass LOD is screaming for “cart attendant” over the fucking walkie¬† to clean the bathroom. I answer her immediately and say “on my way, bringing in one last row of carts.” Next I start cleaning the bathrooms and then she starts screaming again about the same carts I was just doing. I repeat about five times “cleaning the bathrooms. be there when I’m done” and I was trained to put the bathrooms ahead of everything else. So when I finally finish (took a minute because the fucking customers, not guests, customers are fucking foul and refuse to clean up after themselves) this bitch starts lecturing me about responding to her when she calls and she insulted my intelligence. That’s when I fucking lost it. I straight up told her, “I ain’t seen you lift a single fucking finger to do shit other than complain on that damn walkie all day. Unless you want to strap on that bright orange vests and go get carts while dodging these idiots who can’t drive or you want to slap on some gloves and scrub that foul-ass bathroom then I’m gonna need you to shut the fuck and let me do my fucking job you useless ass hoe.” I expect to be fired soon, but I couldn’t be happier.



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