Target Sucks - We Hate Target and We Know We're Not Alone.

October 4, 2015 - RedCardFairy

Want to laugh… Read Yelp reviews

OMG!! As if we didn’t already know what we were dealing with. If you are truly looking for a laugh read some yelp reviews. These people are out of their minds, they comment on things like the parking lots, the fact that they could have had a few more smiles along the way and they never forget to mention Walmart and how they are “better” for not shopping there. My favorite are the comments about the messiness of the store. Oh please who do they think is messing up the displays? Target shoppers are the worst they are rude, entitled and dumber than a box of rocks.




  • MrSharkNasty says:

    Target's guest are a breeze compared to dealing with guest in a home improvement setting. I highly suggest you try Home Depot or Lowes and perhaps Menards if you have ever heard of them. You will very quickly find Target is a walk in a park compared to who the people who shop at these Major Home Improvement Chains. I find dealing with guest at Target to be much more relaxing. They're much more easy going. I could easily write a 1000+ page book on how poorly retailer workers are treated by customers/guest working at a big box Home Improvement store. They think the guy making 9-11 dollars an hour is a trained professional and knows everything about everything. And if they don't like what you have to say they will make your life a living hell. Not about to break it all down right here, just trust me if you think Target has raving fools shopping never work at a Home Improvement store you wouldn't last a month.

    • viciousdave says:

      I've worked at target for 7 years, the store is truly a mess because of other guests. One gets a movie, last second puts in somewhere else, one person get's 2 shirts, doesn't want it later puts it in the candy isle, one person doesn't want the frozen food puts in the toy isle. People are lazy as hell in target. Everyday an old person is like well I want it in plastic, oh but that paper, on and this plastic and than in the paper, so rude!!!!! Can't I just take your stuff and put it in a bag from cans to light stuff on top like a regular man would do? Oh no the old people have to be like it's my way my way. Than at check lanes, oh I don't want this puts it up on fridge of pop, puts something else in candy on side of lane. People are the laziest crap on earth in target.

    • hell0 says:

      Redcardfairy could u please post a link to that thing in yelp id love to read some of those lol

      • RedCardFairy says:

        Google Target Yelp Reviews. This way you can even put in your location. These people are truly amazing. They want a clean tidy store with someone to hold their hand as they walk through the store and because they also are willing to pay for the staff required they get angry and leave piles and piles of shoes in the shoes department. Seriously Target shoppers are lacking in character judging by the way they behave.

  • Silverfox says:

    What makes me laugh are the ones who say don't stick my clothes onto the belt. It's dirty! lol, in the factory the bolts of cloth are thrown on the ground, slept on, used as a mattress pad, etc before it even gets to be turned into clothing.It's already dirty. lol. one more spec of dirt can't hurt it.


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